NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: DEM Civil War, Congress Votes Against The Confederate Flag, NAACP Sues Over Flint Water Crisis, The Undefeated Launches


Are We On The Brink Of A Democratic “Civil War?”

As Donald Trump calls on the GOP to unite, the Democrats appear to be at odds more than ever. Former Secretary Hillary Clinton is likely to be the Democratic party’s nominee, but Senator Bernie Sanders is still winning states and now accusing the party of treating him unfairly.

Sanders’ supporters agree with those accusations and are highly upset. They caused chaos at last weekend’s Nevada Democratic Convention, one person even tried to throw a chair.

The supporters didn’t stop there and even made several death to  Nevada Democratic Chairwoman Roberta Lange.

Clinton says now is not the time for the divide and is calling on Senator Sanders to help unite the party.

Congress Votes To Ban Display Of Confederate Prominently At Veterans Cemeteries 

The battle to remove the confederate flag from the public eye continues.  Yesterday, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to ban large scale displays of the confederate flag at Federal Veterans’ cemeteries.

Though the vote passed, it was opposed by one hundred fifty eight republicans, and  one Democrat,  Representative Sanford Bishop from Georgia who said in a statement

“While as a descendant of slaves I find the Confederate flag and the history it represents deeply offensive,  I believe that the descendants of Confederate veterans should not be denied the privilege of honoring their dead ancestors two days of the year on a flagpole where their beloved are buried in mass graves.”

NAACP Sues The State Of Michigan Over The Flint Water Crisis

The Flint, Michigan water crisis is far from over and now the NAACP is apart of the latest lawsuit filed against Flint.

The class action suit alleges the city poisoned people with toxic drinking water by failing to detect that something was wrong. The lawsuit seeks property damages, pain and suffering damages, emotional distress damages and medical monitoring for affected city residents.

NAACP President Cornell W. Brooks joined Roland Martin on NewsOne Now to discuss the suit against Michigan officials.

Baylor University is back in hot water amid reports the school ignored sexual assault allegations.

An investigation conducted by ESPN’s “Outside The Lines” revealed multiple instances at Baylor where school officials did not investigate, or didn’t adequately investigate sexual assault allegations, while also failing to provide support to those who reported the assaults. 

Despite the school’s credentials, Baylor’s athletic department has taken hard hits in recent years, with several athletes being involved in sex assault scandals.

The Undefeated: New Site Examines The Intersections Of Race, Sports And Culture From An African American Perspective

The articles, blog posts and videos published on take a look at the intersection of race, sports and culture from an unapologetically black perspective.

Although athletic fields and courts are filled with African Americans, the world of sports reporting is still very white.

In fact, The Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport found that in sports news:

  • 90 percent of editors are white.
  • 91 percent of columnists are white.
  • 86 percent of reporters are white.

Kevin Merida, Senior Vice President and Editor-in-Chief and Kelley Carter, Senior Entertainment Writer from TheUndefeated joined Roland Martin on NewsOne Now to discuss the launch of the new site.

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