NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Sanders Predicts A Contested Dem Convention, More Violence At Trump Rallies, Did Larry Wilmore Cross The Line Using The N-Word At WHCD?


Senator Bernie Sanders is fighting to stay alive in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination, arguing there will be a contested convention.

The senator spoke to reporters over the weekend and explained why the number of delegates versus the number of superdelegates is crucial to securing the Democratic presidential nomination.

Sanders told reporters, “We intend to fight for every vote in front of us and for every delegate remaining.”

The Democratic presidential hopeful also said, “It is virtually impossible for Secretary Clinton to reach the majority of convention delegates by June 14 with pledged delegates alone. She will need superdelegates to take her over the top at the convention in Philadelphia.”

He then added, “In other words, the convention will be a contested contest.”

This past Friday, protesters tried to stop Donald Trump from speaking at the California GOP State Convention.

Thousands of people blocked the entrance to the Hyatt Regency. Many threw bottles, jumped on police cars, and fought Trump supporters. Conditions on the ground got so bad, the GOP front-runner was escorted through the backdoor to avoid the crowds.

Trump is no stranger to angry mobs. Throughout his campaign for the highest office in the land, Trump supporters have attacked protesters, leading to plenty of injuries and a number of arrests.

Trump is promising if he doesn’t get the nomination, his supporters are likely to riot at the convention in Cleveland this summer.

Was Obama’s Final White House Correspondents’ Dinner Marred By The N-Word?

Despite several funny punch lines, everyone wasn’t laughing after Comedy Central’s Larry Wilmore got a little too comfortable with President Barack Obama during the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

As Wilmore closed his monologue, the comedian turned to Obama and said, “Mr. President, I’m going to keep it 100 — Yo Barry, you did it, my n*gga.”

On Monday’s edition of NewsOne Now, guest host Paul Berry and his panel of guests discussed the use of the racial epithet as an apparently affectionate term for the president.

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BeBe Winans joined guest host Paul Berry in studio to talk about the new musical, “Born for This: The BeBe Winans Story.”

All that and more in this edition of the NewsOne Now Audio Podcast.

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