NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Teachers’ “Sick-Out” Shuts Nearly All Detroit’s Public Schools


Detroit Sick-Out: What Do The Teacher Protests Mean For Parents & Students?

Ninety four of 97 Detroit Public Schools had to be shut down as a result of a teacher sick-out protest, forcing more than 45,000 children to miss a day of school on Monday and Tuesday.

Detroit teachers are angry and protesting the fact the school district will reportedly run out of money and teachers will not be paid the salaries they have earned after June 30th. This disruption in salary payments affects teachers who are on a 12-month salary plan.

A reconstructive budget plan that would cover teacher salaries and the school district’s debt has yet to be approved by the state legislature, leaving the remaining days of the 2015 – 2016 school year in limbo; teachers may continue their sick-out protests until an agreement is reached.

On Tuesday’s edition of NewsOne Now, Ivy Bailey, President of the Detroit Federation of Teachers, and Transition Manager Steven Rhodes spoke with guest host Derek McGinty during separate appearances about the Detroit Public Schools’ budget problems and subsequent teachers’ sick-out protests.

Michael Eric Dyson Discusses New Book, “The Black Presidency: Barack Obama & The Politics Of Race In America”

Best-selling author Michael Eric Dyson’s new book, The Black Presidency: Barack Obama & the Politics of Race in America, explores the powerful, surprising way the politics of race have shaped Pres. Obama’s identity and seemingly cemented the nation’s first Black president’s legacy during his groundbreaking tenure in office.

From about The Black Presidency:”

Dyson explores whether Obama’s use of his own biracialism as a radiant symbol has been driven by the president’s desire to avoid a painful moral reckoning on race. And he sheds light on identity issues within the black power structure, telling the fascinating story of how Obama has spurned traditional black power brokers, significantly reducing their leverage. 

Dyson joined guest host Derek McGinty on NewsOne Now to talk about his new book and discuss how Mr. Obama has acted on behalf of the nation’s African-American community by way of improving things for all.

U.S. Dream Academy Celebrates 15th Annual Power Of A Dream Gala

The U.S. Dream Academy is a national after school program using mentoring, tutoring, and technology education to empower children at risk of future incarceration.

Their 15th Annual Power of a Dream Gala will take place Tuesday night in Washington, D.C. honoring Rep. Robert C. “Bobby” Scott; Jaime Casap, Global Education Evangelist; and Jarrett M. Adams, Judicial Law Fellow of the Southern District of N.Y.

On Tuesday, Laz Alonso, actor, producer, and co-host of the Dream Gala, and Wintley Phipps, CEO and Founder of the U.S. Dream Academy, joined guest host Derek McGinty on NewsOne Now to talk about this year’s celebration.

Phipps revealed the inspiration for the U.S. Dream Academy came out of his desire to “break the cycle of intergenerational incarceration” of those serving time behind bars and the children of those prison inmates, of which 70 percent end up being locked behind bars as well.

Why are so Many Great Black TV Shows Missing from Streaming Services?

 Donahue Tuitt, Founder of UNIFY, an online video streaming platform targeting African Americans joins us via Skype to discuss.

All that and more in this edition of the NewsOne Now Audio Podcast.

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