NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Teen Files Suit After Brutal Assault By Cop, Search Continues For Missing College Student, Nayla Kidd


Washington Teen Files Suit After Brutal Police Assault

Seventeen-year-old Monique Tillman was brutally beaten, tased, and choked during a traumatic encounter with an off-duty police officer outside a mall in Tacoma, Washington.

The violent incident took place two years ago, when Tillman was just 15 years old. She claimed Officer Jared Williams attempted to hit her and her brother as they rode their bikes home.

Tillman is now fighting back against the officer and the owner of the mall with a lawsuit seeking unspecified damages.

Tillman spoke with NewsOne Now about her encounter with the Tacoma police prior to Monday’s show, during which she stated:

“When me and my brother were on our way home, we took a short cut through the mall and then the mall security guy came up to us and he was harassing us. The police officer came up asking me what my name was and I asked what I did wrong, what crime did I commit, because he was obviously a cop — he really didn’t have an answer.

“I just felt like I was being harassed — he choked me, he grabbed me by my hair, and tried to slam my face into the concrete and he kicked me and then tased me…”

“I honestly felt dead for a second — like I felt alive ’cause of the electricity running through my veins, but I didn’t feel anything.

“It took me a second to realize I was bring tased, but I was confused as to why they stopped me — quite frankly I was kind of mad too.”

“Deep down I knew the answer — definitely because of my skin color. That’s the only reason they stopped me. That’s the only reason they wanted to know my name and where we were going, and that’s the only reason why I got tased, because I’m Black …”

Search continues for ‪Columbia University‬ Sophomore, ‪Nayla Kidd

It’s been eleven days since the University of Columbia student Nayla Kidd went missing. According to police, the 19-year-old Louisville, Kentucky native was last seen leaving a campus party at approximately 5PM on May 5th.

Since her disappearance, Nayla’s Facebook has been deactivated, her credit cards cancelled and her cell phone number changed. 

As investigators try to put the pieces together, Nayla’s mother, Doctor LaCreis Kidd, is on a desperate mission to find her.

Kidd and Neal Gossett, the private investigator assigned to the case joined Roland Martin on NewsOne Now to discuss the missing persons case.

According to Merriam Webster’s dictionary, political correctness is defined as: “Agreeing with the idea that people should be careful to not use language or behave in a way that could offend a particular group of people.”

The notion of being P.C. has entered into our nation’s discourse regarding a plethora of topics, causing numerous battles in Washington, D.C.

The term was recently discussed by Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas during his Hillsdale College commencement speech, in which he alluded to the world “gone mad with political correctness.”

During Monday’s edition of NewsOne Now, Roland Martin took issue with Justice Thomas’ remarks, saying people of color in this country still have to fight for their rights.

Martin told his panel of guests that African-Americans have only been “full Americans for 46 years of the 397 years we’ve been in this country — so yeah, Justice Thomas, we are still demanding to be treated as a full American.”

“This whole idea of demanding full rights as guaranteed by the Constitution ‘technically’ — hell yeah, we’re still trying to do that — that ain’t political correctness, that’s called doing what’s right,” said Martin.

All that and more in this edition of the NewsOne Now Audio Podcast.

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