NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: White High School Football Players Rape Black Teammate With A Hanger, BMore Cops Sue Marilyn Mosby, + 150 Years Of Obamacare


A mentally challenged teenage boy was sexually assaulted by three of his football teammates. The rape took place in a high school locker-room in the small town of Dietrich, Idaho according to a civil lawsuit.

The suspects – John R.K. Howard, Tanner Ward, and an unidentified 16 year old, tricked the victim into accepting a hug.

When the victim extended his arms for the hug, one of the football players grabbed him and held him down while the other forced a coat hanger into his rectum. The third player then kicked the coat hanger several times.

The incident actually took place in October of 2015 and has been under investigation for months.

Earlier this spring, Howard and Ward were charged as adults with “Forcible Sexual Penetration by Use of Foreign Object.” According to the law in Idaho:

“Every person who, for the purpose of sexual arousal, gratification or abuse, causes the penetration, however slight, of the genital or anal opening of another person, by any object, instrument or device, shall be guilty of a felony and shall be punished by imprisonment in the state prison for not more than life.”

The third suspect was charged as a juvenile and all records in his case are sealed. In addition to the criminal charges, a ten million dollar federal civil suit was filed against the school district earlier this month.

That lawsuit claims the young Black teenager had also been a victim to countless racial and physical assaults by the several members of the football team. The victim “was taunted and called racist names by other members of the team which included ‘Kool-Aid’ ‘chicken eater’ ‘watermelon’ and the N-word.”

The civil suit also includes eleven administrators and coaches who did nothing to stop the racial and physical abuse toward the victim.

Baltimore Cops Charged In The Death Of Freddie Gray Sue Marilyn Mosby

Two of the six Baltimore City police officers charged in connection with the death of Freddie Gray are now suing Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby for defamation and invasion of privacy.

The officers filing suit are Sergeant Alicia White and Officer William Porter — both are facing charges of involuntary manslaughter for Gray’s death last April. White and Porter claim Mosby knew the charges filed against them at a news conference last year were false. The lawsuit also alleges Mosby made certain statements just to calm the riots and protests in Baltimore.

On Thursday’s edition of NewsOne Now, Roland Martin defended Mosby’s decision to charge the six Baltimore officers for the untimely death of Gray saying, “This is simply another example of cops wanting it both ways.”

“They don’t want any accountability, they don’t want to be checked, they don’t want to be video taped, they don’t want to be questioned.”

The host of NewsOne Now said the officers’ attempt to sue Mosby for doing her job is “shameful.”

Taiylar Ball, the Chicago area high school senior who was banned from attending her prom as a result of a controversial spoken word performance during a Homewood Flossmoor High School talent show, will be allowed to walk across the stage at her high school graduation ceremony.

Ball joined Roland Martin on NewsOne Now via Facetime to discuss her meeting with the principal of Homewood Flossmoor and the decision to allow her to attend graduation services this coming weekend.

Drinking Milk While Black: Teen Suspended And Charged For Sealing Free Milk

Social media has dubbed this story, “Drinking Milk While Black.” This after Virginia middle school student Ryan Turk was put in handcuff’s for allegedly stealing a sixty five cent carton of milk.

It was a normal school lunch period at Graham Park Middle School in Prince William County, VA, when the eighth grader stood in line to get his food. He sat down to eat when he realized he forgot his milk.

Turk a participant of the free lunch program, went back to get it. Soon after taking a mil from the counter,  a school police officer grabbed him and accused him of  stealing the milk.

Turk was put in cuffs, sent to the principal’s office and searched for drugs. School officials later suspended Ryan for theft, being disrespectful and using his cell phone.  Turk was not only suspended from school, but also charged with larceny.

A spokesperson for Prince William County School System issued the following statement on the matter: 

“The need for disciplinary actions is determined by how a student behaves throughout any given incident. An appeals process is in place to ensure the fairness of any disciplinary action.”

Roland Martin Blasts Bill O’Reilly For Blaming Black Lives Matter For Crime Spike

Roland Martin continued his fact-checking assault on after the Fox News host blamed the Black Lives Matter movement for the increase in crime and murder rates in a number of cities in America.

During Wednesday night’s episode of The O’Reilly Factor, O’Reilly said the Black Lives Matter movement is “killing Americans.”

As a result of O’Reilly’s remarks, the NewsOne Now host clapped back, blasting the conservative for his claims.

Martin told viewers, “Bill O’Reilly won’t call cops out for not doing their job,” said Martin. “What he is going to do is call out Black Lives Matter, the group that is actually holding cops accountable for not doing their job.”

Healthcare Attorney Daniel Dawes Discusses His New Book, “150 Years of ObamaCare.”

Some say the Affordable Care Act will secure President Barack Obama’s legacy, but since the bill’s passing in 2010, Republicans in congress have continually tried to repeal all or parts of it.

Healthcare attorney Daniel Dawes contends that the Affordable Care Act was the most sweeping equalizer in the history of American medical care. He also worries that if Black folks don’t put strong support behind the law now, it may receive a fatal blow come November.

In the book “150 years of Obamacare,” Dawes says:

“The Affordable Care Act has been buffeted by a constant tide of opposition while hanging in the balance, but it will take deliberate and diligent action to ensure that its policies increasing access to care and treatments, improving quality, prioritizing prevention and early interventions, and advancing health equity will be fully realized and enjoyed by generations of Americans for the next 150 years.”

All that and more in this edition of the NewsOne Now Audio Podcast.

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