NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Pushback Against NC SB873, Experts Claim Flint’s Water Is Improving, Roland Martin Responds To Snoop Dogg’s “Roots” Complaints


Is Flint Water Improving? Experts Say Yes; But Is It Enough To Reclaim The City?

According to experts, the water in Flint, Michigan is improving.

The Virginia Tech – Flint Water Study team claims results from recent testing of a water flushing program are promising. The primary source of Flint’s water is now coming from the Detroit-based Great Lakes Water Authority.

Residents of Flint have been told to flush out their pipes once a day to continue to clear the system of the old lead and allow a new pipe coating process to take place.

Dr. Amy Pruden, principal investigator of the Flint Water Study team from Virginia Tech, spoke with Roland Martin on NewsOne Now via Skype to detail the ongoing water crisis in Flint and to discuss the improving water conditions.

Rally At North Carolina’s General Assembly To Push Back Against SB873

The fight continues against the North Carolina bill that will essentially gut three historically Black universities.

Proposed bill SB-873 would lower the tuition at five universities to the point that they will no longer be self-sufficient.

The Million Hoodies Movement for Justice Greensboro chapter has organized a “Week of Action Against SB-873,” with protests scheduled to begin on Wednesday in an attempt to push back against what some believe will be the end of several HBCUs if the controversial legislation is passed.

Delaney Vandergrift, Chapter Leader of the Million Hoodies Movement in Greensboro, joined Roland Martin during Wednesday’s edition of NewsOne Now to discuss SB-873 and the protest action scheduled for today.

Roland Martin’s Epic Response To Snoop Dogg’s Comments About History’s Reimagined “Roots”

Snoop Dogg set social media ablaze this week after posting a rant bashing History Channel’s reimagined Roots, the film Twelve Years a Slave, and WGN America’s miniseries Underground.

The West Coast rapper – best known for his debut album Doggystyle and for smoking weed in public – urged viewers not to support projects in which Black people are mistreated, courtesy of a profanity-laced Instagram video.

On Wednesday, Roland Martin responded to Snoop Dogg’s remarks during a special TV One NewsOne Now / Tom Joyner Morning Show simulcast.

Martin kicked off his epic clapback: “Here you have Snoop Dogg talking about how he is a real n-word — well, guess what Snoop? Had you actually watched Roots, you would have heard a character tell Kunta Kinte that he was a n-word and he said, ‘No, I’m a Mandinka warrior.'”

All that and more in this edition of the NewsOne Now Audio Podcast.

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