Roland Martin Show Audio Podcast: Should African Americans Support Donald Trump?

Roland Martin Show


Republican Political Strategist Raynard Jackson sits in for Roland Martin in this edition of The Roland Martin Show.

Jackson discusses the true unemployment rate amongst African Americans, how the jobs numbers are calculated and the labor force participation rate.

What has Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton done for the African American community? Jackson talks about Clinton’s track record with issues that directly impact the Black community. He also details President Barack Obama’s history of championing causes important to African Americans.

Jackson also makes the case for why he plans on voting for Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election.

Ray Mickens, former NFL cornerback talks with Jackson about his transition from professional sports to being a successful businessman and what he did prior to leaving the gridiron to prepare for life after sports.

Traci Braxton joins today’s conversation to talk about her latest projects and what is in store for the next episode of WE tv‘s Braxton Family Values.

Braxton also shares the philanthropic work she is currently involved in, dishes on her new single and upcoming album. For more info visit

All that and more in this special edition of “The Roland Martin Show” Audio Podcast.

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