Roland Martin Show Audio Podcast: Discovering Your Genealogy, Become A Learning Hero For Your Child

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In this edition of The Roland Martin Show, Bernice Alexander Bennett, President and Founder of BB’s Genealogy and Educational Services, LLC talks with Roland Martin about how she began researching her genealogy and the genealogy of African Americans. Bennett also shares how those who are interested in tracing their roots back to African can begin the process.

Listen to the live news conference of Orlando doctors who treated those wounded by Omar Mateen in one of the deadliest massacres in United States history.

#TakeItDownAmerica: Listen to Roland Martin’s NewsOne Now interview with actress Aunjanue Ellis and rapper Genesis Be discussing the battle to remove the Confederate battle emblem from the Mississippi state flag. Then listen to the #TakeItDownAmerica rally which took place Tuesday morning at the U.S. Capitol.

Bibb Hubbard, founder of Be A Learning Hero joined Martin on The Roland Martin Show to talk about helping parents navigate the changes in classrooms across the country so they can help their children be successful in school.

Hubbard explained, 90 percent of Black parents believe their child is proficient at reading and math, but that is not the case. Only 18 percent of African American forth graders are reading at or above grade level proficiency, and 19 percent in math.

When it comes to secondary and higher education, 67 percent of African American students are required to take remedial courses at college for approximately two years

Hubbard said the best way parents can help their children is by aligning with their teachers on the educational goals of their child.

All that and more in this special edition of “The Roland Martin Show” Audio Podcast.

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