NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Black Republicans Believe Trump Is The Answer, Black Pastor Pressed For Specifics Of Donald Trump’s Black Plan, Woman Pictured In Baton Rouge Protest Photo Speaks Out


Donald Trump Named The Republican Presidential Nominee

On Tuesday, Donald Trump became the official Republican Presidential nominee. Trump’s home state of New York put him over the 1237 delegates needed to capture the nomination. 

During last night’s festivities, a number of  Republican leaders and members of Trump’s family spoke on his behalf  last night which included, Sen. Mitch McConnellDonald Trump Jr., Dr. Ben Carson, and House Speaker Paul Ryan.

Gov. Chris Christie Reveals Why African-Americans Should Vote For Trump

Roland Martin caught up with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie on the Republican Convention floor and asked him why African-Americans should vote for Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election.

Gov. Christie, a former presidential candidate who was on Trump’s Vice President short list, told Martin that Blacks should back Trump “because they want an America that is full of opportunity for their children and their grandchildren.”

Christie referenced the violence plaguing many African-American communities when he shared his belief that Trump will be able to make America a safer nation where parents would feel comfortable sending their children to school.

“I don’t think the message to African-American families should be any different to any family in America,” said Gov. Christie. He added, “I don’t know an African-American parent who has a different dream for their child than I have for my own.”

Is Donald Trump The Answer? Black Republicans Share Why They Are Supporting Him

Donald Trump has said on numerous occasions he is going to do well with African-American voters in the general election.

On Wednesday’s edition of NewsOne NowCorrogan Vaughn, a Maryland GOP delegate, and James Evans, a Republican delegate from Utah, spoke with Roland Martin about why they have decided to throw their support behind Trump.

Roland Martin Presses Black Pastor On Donald Trump’s Plan For ‘The African-Americans’

Roland Martin, host of TV One’s NewsOne Now, finally caught up with Pastor Darrell Scott – an ardent supporter of Donald Trump – during the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio.

During a very spirited discussion, Martin pressed Scott to reveal specifics of Trump’s plan to address issues important to the Black community. According to Martin, the GOP’s presidential nominee has not articulated any plan referencing African-Americans.

Martin asked Scott bluntly, where is his plan “specific to African-Americans?”

After a long debate over Republicans questioning Pres. Obama’s legitimacy as an American, why African-Americans were upset with Trump over the birther issue, and the infamous Black pastors meeting with Trump, Pastor Scott began to share some of Trump’s views on what could potentially help the Black community.

According to Scott, Trump believes “the reason for the crime among the minority communities is unemployment and low-income.” 

Iesha Evans, The Young Lady Pictured In The Stunning Baton Rouge Protest Photo Shares Her Story

Iesha Evans and Jay Morrison, Founder discuss why they traveled to Baton Rouge to protest after the Alton Sterling Shooting.

Evans explained she decided to take a stand because she “couldn’t sit down anymore.” With the killing of African Americans “becoming more real,” the mother of a six-year-old son decided to make her stand in front of Baton Rouge police officers dressed in full riot gear.

Morrison a real estate investor told Martin, “Somebody has to stand up for us.”

“When we defend ourselves as African people in America we’re looked at as terrorist or radicals or whatever the case is, but if we don’t stand up for ourselves who is going to take care of us.”

He added, “The American government hasn’t done a good job at that.”

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