NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Donald Trump’s Dark, Angry GOP Presidential Nomination Acceptance Speech Lacks Specifics



Long on rhetoric but short on details.

Donald Trump officially accepted the nomination as the Republican presidential nominee on Thursday. During an hour-long dark and angry acceptance speech, Trump focused on “law and order” and offering himself as the voice of America.

Media Responds To Trump And The Republican National Convention

Roland Martin caught up with a few of his colleagues during the RNC and asked them to assess the Republican National Convention.

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz Shares Her Views Of Donald Trump And The RNC

Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz who chairs the Democratic National Committee spoke with Roland Martin about the RNC and said her party’s convention  will not be anything like what’s been going on at the Republican National Convention where speakers have been viciously attacking Hillary Clinton.

Where Is Donald Trump’s Black Plan?

Roland Martin spoke with a number of Black Republicans after Donald Trump’s acceptance speech which was devoid of specifics and asked them where is his plan to address issues important to the Black Community.

During Trump’s GOP presidential nomination speech African Americans were mentioned a number of times, unfortunately, Trump failed to offer any specifics of this plan to address African Americans.

Protesters Outside Of The RNC Voice Their Displeasure 

Emotions ran high in Cleveland for this year’s RNC Convention, both on the convention floor and outside of the arena amongst various groups of protestors and law enforcement. Several protesters were recorded burning flags, fighting, getting arrested and raising awareness for a number of causes. 

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