NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Judge Glenda Hatchett Talks Philando Castile Case, NC & MO Laws Restrict Access To Police Body/Dash Cam Video, Majority Of Cops Killed By White Men In 2016


NewsOne Now Exclusive: Judge Glenda Hatchett Says Philando Castile ‘Was A Man That Was Doing Everything Right’

Syndicated television judge Glenda Hatchett is representing Philando Castile’s family in all civil legal matters as it relates to his murder.

Hatchett is soon expected to file a civil lawsuit in connection to the police involved shooting death of 21-year-old Castile.

In an exclusive interview, Judge Hatchett spoke with Roland Martin, host of NewsOne Now, about the Castile police murder case and her plans to seek justice for the Castile family.

Judge Hatchett addressed the audio recordings that captured the traffic stop that led to Castile’s death. At one point, the officer is heard describing Castile as resembling a suspect “just ’cause of the wide-set nose.”

As the police and media outlets attempt to paint their own narrative of Philando Castile’s life, Judge Hatchett reminded viewers Castile “was a man that was doing everything right.”

Bills Passed In North Carolina & Missouri Aimed At Restricting Access To Police Body & Dash Cam Videos

The states of North Carolina and Missouri are making it harder for individuals to obtain video recorded by police body cameras and dash cams.

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory and Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon have both signed bills regulating the release of video recordings from police body and dashboard cameras.

In North Carolina, the law will allow the people who were recorded to watch the footage – only if the police chief or sheriff grant them access to the video.

Missouri’s controversial law mandates that police dash cam and body cam video are off-limits and will remain off-limits until an investigation has been closed. However, if a person wants access to the video recordings, a judge must first grant permission.

Majority Of Police Killed In 2016 Were Shot By White Men, Where Is The Media Coverage?

believe the greatest threats to the nation’s law enforcement are Black men.

Unfortunately for those spouting this rhetoric, the facts do not support the narrative. In a recent article in The New York Daily News, Shaun King explains “71% of police who’ve been shot and killed so far in 2016 have been killed by good old-fashioned White men.”

The Black activist also wrote: “The number of police who’ve been shot and killed in 2016 is up an astounding 59% from where it was this same date last year,” but the overwhelming majority of these killings weren’t at the hands of Black men in hoodies or Latino gang members.

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