NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Drama On The RNC Convention Floor, Melania Trump Plagiarizes Michelle Obama, Trump Girls Diamond & Silk Clash With Roland Martin



VA Delegate Ken Cuccinelli: GOP Establishment Is ‘Steamrolling’ Grassroots Republicans

Pure chaos erupted during the first day of the Republican National Convention after a voice vote shut down anti-Trump delegates. The failed vote was an attempt to change convention rules that bind Trump’s delegates to support him at the convention.

On Monday, Roland Martin spoke with Virginia Delegate Ken Cuccinelli about the vote and the Never Trump movement on the floor of the Republican National Convention.

Cuccinelli told Martin, “When the party of the rule of law doesn’t obey its own rules, idealists like me get pretty mad.”

He added the events that transpired yesterday are just another example of the GOP establishment “steamrolling” grassroots Republicans. Cuccinelli called their actions “disgusting.”

The Virginia delegate later asked what it’s going to take for the Republicans to learn “this doesn’t help”their party.

Cuccinelli also told NewsOne Now his delegation is not a part of the “Never Trump” nor the “Never Hillary” movements.

“This is about grassroots rules that start to get power out to the grassroots and stop giving it – more and more of it – to the establishment and the RNC,” Cuccinelli said. According to the highly annoyed delegate, yesterday’s vote accomplished the exact opposite of what his delegation was looking for.

Melania Trump Plagiarizes Parts Of Michelle Obama’s Speech

Donald Trump’s wife Melania is also causing a lot of controversy.  Mrs. Trump’s convention speech last night sounded eerily similar to Michelle Obama’s DNC speech in 2008.

Highlights From The Begining Of The NAACP Convention

Democratic Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton addressed the NAACP at their annual convention in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The convention began Saturday and ends tomorrow. The messages of police brutality and attacks against officers are running themes throughout the convention.

Organizers are trying to encourage everyone to heal and find solutions in the community.

Ohio Governor John Kasich, NAACP President and CEO Cornell Brooks AND NAACP Chairman Rosslyn Brock also addressed the crowd.

Shout-Fest: Stump For Trump Girls Diamond & Silk Clash With Roland Martin At The RNC

Afew months ago, Roland Martin spoke with Diamond and Silk – otherwise known as the Stump For Trump Girls – on NewsOne Now.

If you remember, their discussion on TV One’s NewsOne Now led to an epic exchange that went viral on social media.

Martin caught up with the two enthusiastic Trump supporters on Monday at the Republican National Convention for another round of loud talking and sketchy facts detailing what the GOP’s presumptive presidential nominee would do if elected to the highest office in the land.

Martin pulled the pin on the shouting grenade when he asked the dynamic Trump stumping duo about Donald Trump’s plan to address issues important to the African-American community.

What followed can be summed up as a barrage of loud talking points, catchphrases, and a whole lot of attitude: “So don’t get it twisted.”

Don King Shares Why He Supports Donald Trump, Says “The Donald” Needs To Learn How To Get Along With People

Roland Martin, host of NewsOne Now, also spoke with King in the media center at the RNC about why he is supporting Trump.

King told Martin he is supporting Trump because the GOP’s presumptive presidential nominee said the magic words that should resonate in “all the White women and all the people of color:”

“We will create a whole new system, we will tear this system apart. America first – I want to make America great again.” 

According to King, “The system is corrupt. Everybody agrees with that.” He later added, “It’s sexist and don’t give women their rights.” As he continued his critique of “the system,” King, who sounded like a proponent of equal pay legislation said, “White women [are] still begging trying to get equal pay for their equal work.”

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