NewsOne Now Podcast: Ted Cruz Does Not Endorse Trump For President, Michael Steele Asks If Republicans Know What It Means To Run For President


Senator Ted Cruz Does Not Endorse Donald Trump For President

The boos Sen. Cruz received were from delegates who expected to hear Donald Trump’s former rival endorse him for president, but Cruz who butted heads with Trump during the primaries had no intention of doing that and spoke for over 20 minutes never mentioning Donald Trump again.

Afterwards, Roland Martin caught up with Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and Dr. Ben Carson to get their reaction.

Black Conservatives Share Their Views On The Republican National Convention And Donald Trump

A number of prominent Black conservatives are in Cleveland this week.  Roland Martin caught up with a few of our News One Now friends: Former Republican National Committee Chair, Michael Steele, Business Manager and Advisor to Ben Carson, Armstrong Williams and former congressman from Florida Allen West.

Black Republicans Talk Black Lives Matter, Police Accountability & More

While in Cleveland at the Republican National Convention, Roland Martin who is always interested in spoke with a number of Black Republicans to get their take on the Trump campaign.

Leo Smith, the Minority Engagement Director for the Georgia Republican Party,  Vivian Childs, a Former Candidate for the Georgia State Senate and  Michael McNeely, the 1st Vice Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party spoke with Martin in the Media Center at the Republican National Convention. 

Roland martin, Host of NewsOne Now started the conversation by asking them, if the Republican party is effectively speaking to the issues that resonate with Black folks.

All that and more in this special edition of the NewsOne Now Audio Podcast

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