Shaun King Says Blacks Are Always Rushed To Forgive, Blames Slavery


Roland Martin talks to Shaun King of the New York Daily News about community policing, the double standard that blacks face and the percentage of cops killed by white vs blacks.

“It’s pretty wild. Even after the shooting in Dallas, the majority of officers who’ve been killed in 2016 have been killed by white folks. It gives the impression that most police that are killed are by young, black people in the hood,” King said.


  • Charles Walker

    Its why, to some degree, Blacks bring the racism on themselves. If you constantly forgive, what lesson are Whites learning? Its no different than your child doing the same crap over and over again and simply saying “sorry” and that being enough for you. Except, generally speaking, Whites lack a conscious. If I’m lying, how can you explain a people that can reign down carnage on others and not blink an eye? Can stand their and watch violence against others and smile and cheer. Would take skin and penises from lynched Blacks. You can believe that psychology died with the signing of the Civil Rights all you like, you would be wrong. And if you think it cant be passed on from generation to generation, explain the Caucasian group doing things to people, Black and White, that would make normal folks cringe…for the last 2400 years.