NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Celebrating The Life & Legacy Of Journalist George Curry


Clinton Surrogate: Blacks ‘Have Everything To Lose’ & Trump ‘Has Nothing To Offer’

Donald Trump is continuing his misguided attempt to woo Black voters with a simple question:“What do you have to lose?”

According to many in the African-American community, Blacks have a lot to lose backing the GOP’s presidential nominee.

Trump made his tone-deaf appeal during a rally in Dimondale, Michigan, a town with a population that is 93 percent White. “The Donald” also took time to malign Hillary Clinton: “No group in America has been more harmed by Hillary Clinton’s policies than African-Americans,” he said.

On NewsOne Now, Roland Martin wasted no time challenging Trump surrogate Pastor James Davis, a Board Member of Trump’s National Diversity Coalition, and asked, “Why is it that Donald Trump will not speak in front of largely African-American audiences?”

‘It’s Like We’re Having To Pay For My Son Being Murdered,’ Kendrick Johnson’s Mom

During a special simulcast between TV One’s NewsOne Now and ‘The Tom Joyner Morning Show,’ Roland Martin spoke with the parents of Kendrick Johnson about a series of legal fees they are being ordered to pay as they continue to fight to obtain justice for their son.

In discussing the Lowndes County court’s decision the Johnson family must repay nearly $900,000 in attorney fees for those they sued in connection with Kendrick’s death, mother Jackie Johnson summed it up: “It’s another slap in the face…

“It’s like we’re having to pay for my son being murdered.”

NewsOne Now Celebrates The Life & Legacy Of Journalist George Curry

Longtime journalist and champion of the Black press, George Curry, passed away on Saturday of a heart attack in Maryland at the age of 69.

The loss has sent the world of many African-American journalists into a tailspin.

Curry was most known for being Editor-in-Chief of the award-winning Emerge Magazine, which set the standard for numerous publications and influenced a generation of journalists, political activists, politicians, and the African-American community with its controversial covers, as well as its poignant editorial content.

On Monday, Roland Martin and a select group of guests paid homage to Curry during a special edition of NewsOne Now.

In the video clip above, Kemba Smith – who was profiled first nationally by George Curry in Emerge, and was later pardoned by President Bill Clinton after serving six years of a 24-year mandatory minimum sentence for conspiracy to participate in her boyfriend’s drug activities (a non-violent, first-time offense) – shared the profound impact Curry had on her life.

Today’s panel also included Lauren Victoria Burke, Hazel Trice Edney, Spencer Overton, and Clarence Page.

Rev. Jesse Jackson Reflects On The Life Of George Curry

Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr., a long-time friend of George Curry, spoke with Roland Martin via phone and shared his reflections on the legendary journalist during Monday’s special edition of NewsOne Now.

Rev. Jackson told Martin, Curry had “all the tools and used them for the betterment of all of us.

I’m just so grateful to George Curry for his work, for his legacy.”

Ed Gordon: George Curry‬’s ‘Voice Was Unwavering For Our Community’

Ed Gordon, who was the host of BET’s Lead Story, joined Roland Martin on NewsOne Now to share his memories of George Curry.

Gordon explained, “George was one of those voices that was unwavering for our community.” 

“What I loved about George Curry was, is no matter who you were, he made a way for you,” said Gordon. “He was a trailblazer and he wasn’t afraid to share the spotlight.” 

Gordon recalled a time when he first started in journalism, Curry became a mentor who rallied for him as his success began to grow.

He later added that Curry’s passing “is a tremendous loss to our community – with a voice that has done nothing but been outstanding and upstanding for all of us.”

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