NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: DOJ Releases Scathing Report On Baltimore Cops, SWAT Team Kills Innocent Black Man,


Marilyn Mosby Unsurprised By Scathing DOJ Baltimore Report

year after Freddie Gray‘s death while in police custody, the Justice Department released a scathing report proving the Baltimore Police Department purposely targets the city’s Black population.

In the 163-page report released on Wednesday, investigators pinpointed just how the department violated the rights of the people its officers are sworn to protect.

Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby told NewsOne Now guest host Derek McGinty she was not surprised by the findings of the DOJ report.

“It’s not a surprise living in West Baltimore that police unconstitutionally stop, search, and arrest individuals. It’s not surprising that you would see some individuals be strip-searched. It’s shocking maybe for other folks, but when you live in the heart of West Baltimore, that’s not shocking,” Mosby said.

SWAT Team Shoots And Kills Innocent Black Man

A mentally ill man was shot by a Los Angeles County SWAT team on July 28th. Initially, officers said they pursued the 27-year-old because they suspected him of being involved in a car jacking that occurred in a nearby Compton neighborhood. 

The actual carjacking suspect engaged in a gunfire battle with police prior to fleeing the scene and was hiding in a neighboring home. While in search of the suspect, police in armored trucks came in contact with Donnell Thompson as he was sleeping in a stranger’s yard. 

After he didn’t respond to their commands, the SWAT team detonated a flash grenade and shot him with foam bullets.

Cops allege Thompson ran toward them shortly after, and that’s when a deputy on top of an armored vehicle shot him with an assault rifle, striking him twice in the torso and killing him.   

Activist Speaks Out About Breaking The Cycle Of Violent Death

Award-winning author and film producer Evie Rhodes has written several books about the tragedies and senseless violence in our communities. 

Her most recent novel turned movie, Expired, highlights a mother’s struggle to cope with the death of her son.

On May 20th, Rhodes’ 24-year-old son James Rhodes, was shot and killed in Camden, New Jersey. This tragic experience has motivated the author to make a “plea and call to action to save our remaining sons.”

To accompany her nationwide call to action, Rhodes has also launched an initiative on Breaking the Cycle of Black Male Death in America.

Can Culture Be Used To Teach Our Youth?

In the last 10 years, America has been involved in a massive pushback against culturally biased education in everything from learning materials to standardized test questions.

Dr. Christopher Emdin, the author of For White Folks Who Teach in the Hood… and the Rest of Y’all Toohas been on the forefront of this rebuke of the nation’s educational system. Emdin uses cultural specific curriculums to find teaching success with students in urban communities, where oftentimes students are maligned and forgotten.

As a part of his educational philosophy, Emdin has solicited the help of rappers to stress the importance of education in the classroom using culture as a facilitator for learning.

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