NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: National Guard Activated In Wisconsin After Sylville Smith Protests Turn Violent, 7K Rescued Following Louisiana Floods, NC ‘Racially Gerrymandered’ Districts Ruled Unconstitutional


Will Milwaukee Police Shooting Video Ease Tensions Or Ignite A Powder Keg?

state of emergency is in effect in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, after demonstrators burned cars and businesses while protesting the police shooting death of Sylville Smith, a Black man killed by a Black police officer.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker activated the National Guard and plans to deploy troops if the violence continues.

According to police, Smith was shot because he refused to drop his gun, for which he allegedly had a conceal carry permit. Prior to the shooting, Smith reportedly fled from a routine traffic stop.

The Milwaukee Police Department has not released body camera footage of the fatal shooting and claim missing audio as the reason.

On Monday’s edition of NewsOne Now, Roland Martin spoke with State Senator Lena C. Taylor from Wisconsin’s 4th District about the killing of Sylville Smith and the subsequent unrest in one of America’s most segregated cities.

7,000 Rescued As Storms, Flooding Wreak Havoc On Louisiana

President Barack Obama declared a major disaster exists in the state where severe flooding is turning deadly. 

This means Federal aid will be sent to supplement state and local recovery efforts throughout the area. Right now, four parishes fall under the declaration, including East Baton Rouge, but Gov. John Bel Edwards says he expects more to be added. 

Officials say more than 20,000 people have been rescued from their homes or vehicles and more than 10,000 people are staying in emergency shelters.

Court Rules North Carolina Districts Are “Racially Gerrymandered” And Unconstitutional

Unconstitutional “racial gerrymanders.” That’s what three judges are calling 28 of North Carolina’s 170 state legislative districts.

The judges issued a ruling on the Covington versus the State of North Carolina case. The plaintiffs accused Republicans of relying too heavily on race when they redrew the legislative districts in 20-11.

The judges found race was the leading factor in drawing the 28 districts, but that in itself was not unconstitutional.

The judges say using race to redraw the districts without actually proving how it helped the state is wrong. They say the move violates the Equal Protection Clause.

North Carolina must now redraw the legislative districts, but that won’t happen until after the November election.

Roland Martin: ‘Shut The Hell Up’ About Gabby Douglas’ Hair

Haters gonna hate and they have come out in droves to attack Gabby Douglas while she competes at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.

Instead of cheering for and supporting the 20-year-old, many have decided to take issue with her hair –just as they did during the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

Roland Martin, host of NewsOne Now, called the attacks “Black self-hatred.”

Fit!Live!Win! The Benefits Of CrossFit Training With Coach Amon Hotep

Even if you’ve never attended a CrossFit class, you’ve probably heard about the intense workout genre whose physical and mental benefits can help you not only achieve but surpass your fitness goals.

Amon Hotep, District CrossFit Coach, joined Roland Martin on NewsOne Now to discuss the benefits of CrossFit training during this week’s installment of Fit!Live!Win!


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  • Fenny Famous

    Mass Chimpout. Black rioters were targeting whites for beatings and even shot a white 18 year old in the neck. Put these feral animals down

  • Fenny Famous

    Mass Chimpout. Black rioters were targeting whites for beatings and even shot a white 18 year old in the neck. Put these feral animals down.

    His sister should be charged with inciting a riot