NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: 14-Year-Old Kills Abusive Father, NC Homeowner Kills Unarmed Black Man With A ‘Warning Shot,’ Wealth Gap May Take Centuries To Close


Bresha Meadows Case Highlights Importance Of Mental Health Treatment In Black Community

Fourteen-year-old Bresha Meadows took the life of her father in July. She is currently behind bars on charges of aggravated murder.

But Bresha’s family is calling her a “hero,” who saved them all from the verbally and physically abusive Jonathan Meadows.

Police allege Bresha shot her father as he slept in their Warren, Ohio home, using the same gun with which he threatened to harm the entire family.

Ian N. Friedman, Meadows’ attorney, said the teen “lived an absolute nightmare for her years in that home and the abuse between her mother Brandi at the hands of her father Jonathan obviously predated her birth, just went on since the time they were dating.

NC Homeowner Who Killed Black Man Reminiscent Of Trayvon Martin Case

AWhite man claiming to be a neighborhood watch member in Raleigh, North Carolina, has been charged for the murder of a Black man.

Chad Copley was inside his garage on Sunday when he fired a shotgun and hit 20-year-old Kouren-Rodney Bernard Thomas.

Before the fatal shooting, Copley called 911 several times to complain about what he described as “hoodlums” near his home with weapons.

NewsOne Now panelist A’Shanti Gholar said the shooting of Thomas reminded her of the Trayvon Martin shooting: “I was really bothered by the fact that he (Chad Copley) knew the law.”

New Report Says It Will Take Centuries To Close The Wealth Gap Between Minorities And Whites

It will take 228 years for the wealth of Black families to catch up to that of Whites.

That alarming calculation was compiled from the findings of a new study by the Corporation for Enterprise Development and Institute for Policy Studies.

The study found that between 1983 and 2013, Black household wealth only grew from $67,000 to $85,000. Latino household wealth went from $58,000 to $98,000, while White household wealth skyrocketed from $355,000 to $656,000.

If these rates continue, by 2043, the average wealth growth per year for Black households will be $765, for Latinos $2,254, and for Whites, $18,368.

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