NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Donald Trump’s Tone Deaf Message Concerning The Death Of Nykea Aldridge, QB Colin Kaepernick Takes A Stand By Sitting During National Anthem, Nate Parker Breaks His Silence


Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is taking major heat yet again: This time, for using the death of a young African-American mother in Chicago to try and score a political point.

Dwyane Wade‘s cousin, 32-year-old Nykea Aldridge was caught in the crossfire of a shooting Friday as she walked with her infant in a stroller on the city’s South Side. 

Trump, who has recently taken interest in the African-American community and the Black vote to win over White moderates, kicked off a firestorm when posted the following message on Twitter:

Roland Martin and a number of his guests addressed the GOP presidential nominee’s tone-deaf tweet on Monday’s edition of NewsOne Now.

Dr. Jason Johnson, professor of political science and political editor for The Root, blasted Trump for his “tacky” comments and overall approach to courting African-American voters. Johnson said Trump’s “gross condescending way in which he thinks he can speak to Black people” are a prime example of why minorities and others believe “The Donald” is unfit to be president.

Colin Kaepernick Takes A Stand Against Social Injustice By Sitting During The National Anthem 

San Francisco 49ers quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, is vowing to sit during the national anthem in protest over police killings of African-Americans. Is he being anti-American by expressing his right to protest which is covered under the First Amendment of the Constitution?

According to the backlash Kaepernick is experiencing, it would seem as though free speech is not welcomed when standing up against injustice for certain demographics and certain issues.

Nate Parker Breaks  His Silence On Decades-Old Rape Allegations

Nate Parker spoke out about rape allegations he battled seventeen years ago.  A jury found him not guilty in the case, but the backlash continues to undermine his widely anticipated Nat Turner biopic Birth of a Nation.

Parker spoke about the case on Friday follow a screening of the film  in Los Angeles. After the panel, the filmmaker sat down for an interview with  Ebony magazine  and admitted his original statement on the matter was  selfish saying quote:

“I was acting as if I was the victim, and that’s wrong. I was acting as if I was the victim because I felt like, my only thought was I’m innocent and everyone needs to know. I didn’t even think for a second about her, not even for a second.”

“You asked me why I wasn’t empathetic? Why didn’t it come off more empathetic? Because I wasn’t being empathetic. Why didn’t it come off more contrite? Because I wasn’t being contrite. Maybe I was being even arrogant. And learning about her passing shook me, it really did. It really shook me. ”

Kindred the Family Soul Talks New About Their New Album, “Legacy of Love”

Summer is almost over but Kindred the Family Soul’s new album “Legacy of Love” is sure to keep the party and the love going a little bit longer.  They’ll join us later in the show to discuss their new album: “Legacy of Love.”

Veteran Journalist George Curry Laid To Rest

Veteran journalist George Curry was laid to rest on Saturday in his hometown of Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Curry’s homegoing service was attended by legendary members of the Black press like Les Payne and Ed Gordon. Kemba Smith — who was profiled nationally by Curry in Emerge magazine — and Rev.Jesse Jackson, Sr., spoke during the services, honoring the life of Curry.

Rev. Al Sharpton delivered Curry’s eulogy, where he proclaimed, “George never stopped until the very end.

“He never backed up and he never compromised and he never negotiated his dignity for a contract or for a friend. That’s why when we say so long, we know we’ve lost something that we won’t see that way again.”  


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