NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Khans Address Trump Feud, NAACP Calls For Moratorium On New Charter Schools, BLM Releases List Of Demands


The Khans Address Battle With Donald Trump: ‘We Are On The Right Side Of The Times’

Donald Trump talked himself into a battle he may be unable to talk himself out of.

After Khizr Khan and his wife Ghazala, parents of a decorated American soldier who was killed in Iraq, appeared at the Democratic National Convention, Trump responded vehemently to Khan’s remarks.

Over this past weekend, the Khans and Trump exchanged words through various media outlets, much to the chagrin of Republicans who have been left scrambling in an attempt to perform damage control.

Roland Martin, host of NewsOne Now, caught up with the Khans on Monday and asked them about the war of words between them and the Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump.

Green Party Presidential Candidate Jill Stein Offered VP Slot To Nina Turner

Before announcing her new VP, Jill Stein had her eye on another well-qualified candidate by the name of Nina Turner. 

Steen has been one of Turner’s most vocal supporters after the former Ohio state senator was blocked from introducing Senator Sanders during Vermont’s roll call at the Democratic National Convention last week.

Turner joined Roland Martin on NewsOne Now to talk about her being in the running to be Stein’s VP running mate and the controversy surrounding her and the Clinton campaign at the DNC.

Black Lives Matter Unveil Their Policy Demands For Black Power, Freedom And Justice

For almost the past two years, Black Lives Matter has definitely made an impact in America.

The group often leads protests across the nation demanding justice for people wrongfully killed at the hands of police officers.

They are rolling out an agenda that they describe as quote: “a clear vision of the world where black humanity and dignity is the reality.”

The plan is called A Vision for Black Lives: Policy Demands for Black Power, Freedom and Justice.”

NAACP Approves Resolution Calling For Moratorium On Charter School Expansion

No new charter schools. That’s the request from the NAACP.

The historic and iconic civil rights organization has approved a resolution calling for a moratorium on the expansion of Charter Schools in America.

The resolution states in part:

“Charter schools have contributed to the increased segregation rather than diverse integration of our public school system…

“Weak oversight of charter schools puts students and communities at risk of harm, public funds at risk of being wasted, and further erodes local control of public education.”

This controversial resolution reaffirms a 2014 resolution that “the NAACP opposes the privatization of public schools and/or public subsidizing or funding of for-profit or charter schools.”

On Tuesday’s edition of NewsOne Now, the school choice debate turned into a highly contested dialogue between Dr. Steve Perry and Hilary Shelton, Bureau Director of the Washington, D.C. Chapter of the NAACP.

Convention season is over and now it’s time for the American electorate to focus on the elections in November.

While many Americans are already registered to participate in the 2016 general election, we know there are quite a few unregistered voters who wish to voice their choice.

Historically, to register to vote you had to fill out a physical form and mail it in, but not anymore. In select districts, you can register to vote online and through a number of apps.

Tech-life expert  joined Roland Martin on NewsOne Now to detail a number of online voter registration apps.

All that and more in this special edition of the NewsOne Now Audio Podcast

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