NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Chicago Police Recommend 7 Cops Be Fired In Laquan McDonald Case, La. Newspaper Calls For POTUS To Visit Flooded Region, Donald Trump Says Things Were Good For America In The 1700s And 1800s


Chicago Police Recommend 7 Cops Be Fired In Connection To The Laquan McDonald Shooting & Cover-Up

Chicago Police Department Superintendent Eddie Johnson is recommending that seven police officers be fired for filing false reports in the 2014 shooting of Laquan McDonald.

The city’s inspector general and outside counsel also reviewed reports, along with videos and other evidence, and found that the officers involved violated Rule 14 of the Chicago Police Department’s Rules and Regulations.

Attorney Lorenzo Davis, a former Chicago Police investigator, was not surprised by Chicago’s top cop’s recommendation to fire the officers involved in the shooting and cover-up. Davis told Roland Martin the situation in Chicago “finally got to that level where it had to be done.

Louisiana Newspaper Calls For Pres. Obama To Cut His Vacation Short And Visit The Flooded Region

Many are not happy with President Barack Obama enjoying his a few rounds of golf during his scheduled vacation in Martha’s Vinyard.

In a blistering editorial, Louisiana’s largest daily newspaper The Advocate is urging Mr. Obama to cut his vacation short and visit Louisiana.

A portion of the article says states:

“The president’s vacation is scheduled to wrap up on Sunday. But he should pack his bags now, and pay a call on communities who need to know that in a national catastrophe, they are not alone. The president’s presence is already late to this crisis, but it’s better late than never.”

Donald Trump Says Things Were Good For America In The 1700s And 1800s

During a recent interview with The La Crosse Tribune, Donald Trump expressed this belief that “economically,” the 1700s and early 1800s were a good time for America. The GOP presidential nominee also explained his affinity for the Reagan years.

The La Crosse Tribune reported:

Trump, whose campaign slogan is “Make America Great Again!” said he views the 1980s as the time when things were good for the nation, though he also hearkened back to the late 1700s and early 1800s.

“The industrial revolution was certainly — in terms of economically — that was when we started to grow,” Trump said. “I liked the Ronald Reagan years. I thought the country had a wonderful, strong image.”

Trump’s comments harkening back to darker days for African-Americans in the United States should give pause to the American electorate, as the industrial revolution was largely fueled by the enslavement of Blacks in America and the Reagan years saw the crack cocaine epidemic ravage many communities of color.

Grambling State University President Rick Gallot Discusses The State Of Affairs At GSU

Attacks on Historically Black Colleges and Universities, whether financial, political or for land-grabs, are real threats to their survival.

It’s a challenging time for any leader of an HBCU.

Incoming Grambling State University president Rick Gallot, takes the helm as the 10TH president in the last 25 years.

GSU President Gallot spoke with Roland Martin on NewsOne Now about the state of the iconic HBCU.

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