NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Relief Efforts In La. To Cost $30M, Clinton Unveils Economic Plan, Should We Support ‘Birth Of A Nation’ Amid Nate Parker Rape Case Scandal


Louisiana Flood Relief Estimated To Cost Upwards Of $30 Million

With at least 13 deaths and more than 40 thousand homes destroyed, the widespread flooding in Louisiana continues to be a serious problem. In some areas, the water is still rising and forecasters predict more rain is on the way. 

Massive relief efforts continue from both federal and state agencies with support from the National Guard and other organizations. The nation’s premiere humanitarian organization, the American Red Cross, is currently sheltering more than 8,000 people.

Gail McGovernPresident and CEO of the American Red Cross, joined Roland Martin on NewsOne Now to discuss the ongoing relief efforts to help the residents of Louisiana deal with the historic floods.

Hillary Clinton Unveils Her Economic Plan In Contrast To Donald Trump’s Economic Slogans

With 81 days left until Election Day, details of the plans Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have for the nation begin to trickle out.

During a trip to the battleground state of Ohio, Clinton unveiled the details of her economic plan, which included the following points:

  1. Break Through Washington Gridlock to Make the Boldest Investment in Good-Paying Jobs Since World War II.
  2. Make Debt Free College Available to All Americans.
  3. Rewrite the Rules to Ensure That Workers Share in the Profits They Help Create.
  4. Ensure That Those at the Top Pay Their Fair Share.
  5. Put Families First by Matching Our Policies to How Families Live, Learn, and Work in the 21st Century Economy.

During Thursday’s edition of NewsOne Now, Roland Martin and his panel of guests discussed the details of Clinton’s plan and the lack of details and a series of economic slogans coming from the Trump campaign.

Should Black America Support ‘Birth Of A Nation’ Amid Nate Parker Scandal?

Ahead of the release of Nate Parker‘s critically acclaimed biopic, The Birth of a Nation, a decades-old rape case has resurfaced, resulting in a major controversy for the filmmaker.

As a result of the allegations, many are calling for a boycott of the film, which debuted at the Sundance Film Festival and was purchased by Fox Searchlight for $17.5 million.

On Thursday’s edition of NewsOne Now, Roland Martin and his panel of guests discussed the controversy surrounding Parker, the 1999 rape case, the upcoming release of this film, and if African-Americans should support it amid the scandal.

All that and more in this special edition of the NewsOne Now Audio Podcast

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