NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: White Lives Matter Activists Protest In Front Of Houston NAACP HQ With Confederate Flags, Firearms



Roland Martin Clashes With White Lives Matter Activist About NAACP

group of armed demonstrators carrying White Lives Matter signs staged a protest outside of the NAACP’s headquarters in Houston, Texas, on Sunday.

The group waved Confederate flags, brandished assault rifles, and chanted “White Lives Matter” during their demonstration aimed at Black Lives Matter movement supporters.

One demonstrator said the NAACP was selected because it’s “one of the most racist groups in America.”

Roland Martin spoke with Ken Reed, the lead activist of the White Lives Matter movement, about Sunday’s protest action and why the NAACP was targeted.

When asked why the White Lives Matter group decided to protest in a Black neighborhood in front of the NAACP, Reed said, “We chose the NAACP because the NAACP being one of the largest – if not the largest and oldest civil rights organizations in the United States – failed in holding Black Lives Matter accountable in condemning the actions that they’ve done.” 

Why Are Affluent Black Families Living In Segregated & Poor Neighborhoods?

Conventional wisdom would lead you to believe that as African Americans gain more wealth, they generally move to affluent neighborhoods, but a new report has found this may not be the case.

Among African-Americans and Whites across the United States who earn $100,000 a year or more, 37 percent of Blacks live in poorer areas, while just 9 percent of Whites do.

In Milwaukee, the numbers are skewed even further than the national average. According to the New York Times, 59 percent of African-Americans making $100,000 or more live in poorer areas, compared to just 6 percent of Whites.

On NewsOne Now, John Eligon, one of the authors of the NY Times report, explains there are a number of key factors fueling this trend: “For generations, this country intentionally and purposely segregated people by race.

WealthyU: Top Tips To Pay Off Student Loans

If you attended college, you’re probably aware of the impact student loan debt can have on your finances.

According to reports, student loan debt has skyrocketed to more than $1 trillion.

The American Association of University Women reports that from the years of 2009 – 2012, Black women were only able to repay 9 percent of their loans over a three-year period. Latino women pay back 3 percent, while White women repay 37 percent and Asian women repay 61 percent during the same three-year period.

To put a dent in this huge mountain of debt, America’s Wealth Coach Deborah Owens has a few tips that will help you kick your student loan debt to the curb in this week’s installment of WealthyU.

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