NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: White Va. Cop Convicted Of Killing Black Teen, Chicago Cop Body-Cam Off During Shooting Of Paul O’Neal


Justice has been served in the William Chapman II police shooting case.

Chapman, who was suspected of shoplifting, was shot and killed by former police officer Stephen Rankin outside of a Walmart after a security guard called cops to go after the 18-year-old African-American teen.

On Thursday, a jury convicted Rankin of voluntary manslaughter, a lesser charge than the original first-degree murder charge sought by prosecutors.

On Monday, NewsOne Now guest host Avis Jones-DeWeever spoke with Prosecutor Stephanie Morales about the Chapman case and the rare conviction of a police officer.

Chicago Police Body Camera Fail: ‘Officers Still Have The Autonomy’

The Chicago Police Department is embroiled in what appears to be another cover-up in connection with the shooting of yet another African-American man.

Chicago cops shot and killed Paul O’Neal after chasing the suspected car thief as he attempted to flee. Police body camera footage captured during the incident shows O’Neal driving a stolen vehicle erratically past officers, who opened fire on the speeding car in the middle of a residential neighborhood.

Body camera footage also captured a foot chase after O’Neal crashed the stolen vehicle he was driving into another police car. What police body camera footage did not capture was one of the officers in pursuit of O’Neal, before he eventually shot the fleeing suspect in the back.

Did Hillary Clinton & Black Journalists Miss An Opportunity?

The Black press, one of the most important aspects of the media in America, is tasked with asking the tough questions and holding the powers that be accountable not only for their actions, but for the words they use and their intent as it relates to the Black community.

The Black press has come under fire in recent days after former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s appearance at the NABJ/NAHJ annual conference in Washington, D.C. for not taking the opportunity to confront the Democratic presidential candidate with tough questions.

Black Data Processors Seek To Increase The Number Of African-Americans In Tech

There’s a big push to get more African-Americans into the tech world and the culmination is happening this weekend.

The Black Data Processing Association will hold its annual Technology Conference and Job Fair August 10th through 13th in Atlanta, Georgia.

The BDPA provides training for professionals and scholarships for students in an attempt to increase the African-American presence in the field of technology.

During Monday’s edition of NewsOne Now, guest host Avis Jones-DeWeever spoke with Sharrarne Morton, Conference Media Relations Director for the National Black Data Processing Associates (BDPA), and Ogochukwu Eburuoh, one of BDPA’s student scholarship recipients, about the upcoming conference.

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