NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: 6 More Charged In #FlintWaterCrisis, Voter ID Laws Struck Down In Multiple States, Trump v. Khan Continues, #OneVote Initiative Announced


Six More State Employees Charged In Connection To The Flint Water Crisis

Michigan’s Attorney General, Bill Schuette, blasted the six employees charged in connection to the Flint, Michigan water crisis.  The charges against the employees vary, but authorities say they all tried to cover up the truth.

Investigators say the suspects altered or buried reports from two different Michigan agencies questioning the high levels of lead in Flint’s children and in the water.

Mayor Karen Weaver joined Roland Martin on NewsOne Now to discuss the latest developments in the ongoing water crisis and the controversial order to suspend trash pickup until further notice in Flint.

Voter ID Laws Struck Down In Multiple States

Republican-led voter ID restrictions, which negatively impacted people of color, suffered a major blow last week in three states.

On Friday in North Carolina, a federal judge rolled back obstructive voting measures. They included requiring a photo ID card to vote, reducing the number of early voting days, and prohibiting same-day voter registration.

The 83-page decision read in part:

“Although the new provisions target African Americans with almost surgical precision, they constitute inapt remedies and, in fact, impose cures for problems that did not exist.”

Voter ID legislation was also restricted in Wisconsin and Kansas.

Senior Attorney at the Advancement Project, joined Roland Martin on Monday’s edition of NewsOne Now to discuss the battle against voter suppression and the rulings against discriminatory voting laws in several states across the nation.

Trump v. Khan Battle Rages On In The Media And “The Donald” Keeps On Telling Lies

The war of words between Donald Trump and Khizr Khan continues to rage on. reported:

With the general election less than 100 days away, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has once again thrown his party into turmoil, escalating a war of words with Muslim parents who spoke at the Democratic National Convention.

So bad were Trump’s recent attacks against Khizr and Ghazala Khan, that Republican Arizona Sen. John McCain, “a respected figure on national security issues in the Republican Party, issued a statement rebuking Trump.”

Trump is also in the hot seat for telling lies about his alleged relationship with Russian President, Vladamir Putin and fabricating falsehoods concerning a letter from the NFL about presidential debates.

#OneVote: Roland Martin, NewsOne Now Announce 1M Voter Registration & Information Initiative

Voting is a huge issue for African-Americans. But it is not just a question of pushing back against voter suppression, it is also about having the right information before Election Day arrives.

Between August 1st, 2016 and November 8th, 2016, Roland Martin and NewsOne Now will assist Rev. Jesse Jackson and others in registering up to one million individuals to vote.

Martin explained that NewsOne Now will inform viewers of every single voting registration deadline leading up to this year’s election and will disseminate all of the pertinent information as it relates to obtaining voter IDs in states where they are required.

“Too many people don’t have the right information,” Martin said. In those states where early voting is an option, NewsOne Now will also share when early voting begins, when it ends, and which municipalities have weekend voting options.

All of this information will be distributed on NewsOne Now using the hashtag #OneVote on social media.

Rev. William Barber Challenges Americans To Be ‘The Moral Defibrillators Of Our Time’

Rev. William Barber delivered one of the most memorable speeches delivered during the Democratic National Convention. His address was so impactful his words are still reverberating and resonating with the nation almost a week later. Listen to Rev. Barber’s DNC in its entirety  in this edition of the NewsOne Now Audio Podcast.

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