Roland Martin Show Audio Podcast: 80 Days Away From Election Day, ‘This Is No Time For Foolishness’

Roland Martin Show


Talking Presidential politics and more in this edition of The Roland Martin Show.

Donald Trump’s campaign manager is out. Paul Manafort has quit amid a very tumultuous period in the Trump campaign for the Oval Office. Taking his place is Stephen Bannon, head of the right-wing website

Has the Trump campaign just filed political bankruptcy as a result of the latest shake-up within the campaign that aims to “Make America Great Again?”

Trump is trying to convince us that he can run the country but as Martin points out, “He can’t even run his own campaign. Listen to Roland Martin break down the latest developments in the race for the White House in this edition of The Roland Martin Show.

Rev. William Barber delivered a powerful message during his The State of the State of Civil Rights Address this past October. The title of Rev. Barber’s message was This Is No Time For Foolishness. Listen to portions of this important and impactful address because was we approach election day 2016, one of the most important election days in recent history where we as Americans truly get to decide in which direction our nation is headed.

All that and more in this special edition of “The Roland Martin Show” Audio Podcast.

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