Roland Martin Show Audio Podcast: Calm Down … Donald Trump’s Appeal To Black Voters ‘Is All BS’

Roland Martin Show

In this edition of The Roland Martin Show, Roland Martin breaks down Donald Trump’s latest appeal to Black voters where he asked, “What the hell do you have to lose?”

Martin says Trump and his supporters are attempting to get African Americans to chase him “down a fox hole.”

In breaking down the GOP’s presidential nominee’s attempt to garner Black voter support, Martin exposes the Trump campaign’s true motive of trying to appeal to suburban White women.

Martin said of Trump’s new found  interest in African Americans,  “If you’re serious, you will sit down and have a conversation.”

Rev. Jesse Jackson discusses the aftermath of the historic floods in Louisiana. During his remarks, Rev. Jackson shared the people of the flood-ravaged region are in desperate need of supplies and the devastation is far worse than being reported.

If you are interested in helping the people of Louisiana visit

All that and more in this edition of The Roland Martin Show.

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