Roland Martin Show Audio Podcast: Aetna Threatened To Quit ACA If Merger Was Blocked, Rape Allegations Against Nate Parker Resurface, Common Talks ‘Quotes For Education’

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Aetna Health Insurance announced this week they are pulling out of the Affordable Care Act exchange citing losses claiming  the people getting insurance under Obamacare have been sicker than forecast. 

According to media reports, Aetna’s reason for pulling out of the healthcare exchange is a farce. The health insurer told the DOJ if its merger deal was blocked it would pull out of Obamacare.

Listen to Roland Martin discuss the Atena’s attempt to strongarm the Department of Justice in this edition of the Roland Martin Show.

A decades-old rape case has resurfaced sparking a major controversy for Nate Parkerwriter, director, producer and star of the critically acclaimed Nat Turner biopic, The Birth Of A Nation.

Parker was acquitted and cleared of all charges in connection to the 1999 rape case, but now more than 17 years later the case has resurfaced and cast a cloud of uncertainty over the release of Parker’s upcoming movie.

In this edition of The Roland Martin Show, Roland Martin discusses the decades-old rape case and the impact the scandal will have on the release of The Birth Of A Nation.

Martin asked listeners if they will support the film or participate in a boycott of the movie’s release.


Actor/Rapper Common joined today’s conversation to talk about Allstate’s Quotes for Education initiative. The Academy Award winning artist is partnering with Allstate to raise money to HBCU scholarships.

Between August 1 and November 30, 2016, Allstate will donate $10, up to $250,000, for every person who receives an insurance quote from a participating Allstate agent and mentions “Quotes for Education,” or quotes online at

All that and more in this special edition of “The Roland Martin Show” Audio Podcast.

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  • Shelia Castro

    If he was cleared of all charges what more is there to discuss. It is beginning to look like once charged = forever guilty, even if you are dead.