Roland Martin Show Audio Podcast: Clinton Email Controversy Rages On, But Is It Really A Big Deal?

Roland Martin Show


In this edition of The Roland Martin Show, Roland Martin dissects the Hillary Clinton email controversy.

Martin asks listeners: Do you think the latest Clinton email controversy is a big deal?

Martin also asks listeners if they are tired of the drama dealing with Hillary Clinton’s emails or do they believe the ongoing Clinton email controversy comprises of  a legitimate argument?

Listen to Martin’s appearance on Fox New’s The Kelly File with anchor Megyn Kelly. During his appearance on Fox, Martin discusses calls for the Clinton Foundation to be shut down after Republicans accuse the organization of being a corrupt institution.

Also, Donald Trump travels to Mississippi and speaks to a predominantly White crowd in a city that is 80 percent African American.

Listen to portions of the Trump rally and more in this edition of  The Roland Martin Show Audio Podcast.

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