NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Airbnb Responds To Racism Complaints, No Changes In Hollywood Diversity Since 2007, Clinton Blasts NC GOP For Voter Suppression


Airbnb  which helps people rent out their homes online for a fee has come under fire for widespread racial discrimination and their slow response to address it. The San Francisco company valued at $25 billion dollars serves more than 60 million guests in 191 countries.

Recent studies have shown that seeing those photo ID’s has prompted some hosts to deny or cancel a booking by a minority. Blacks have also been denied short-term rentals when their names sounded traditionally black. One user has filed a class action lawsuit accusing Airbnb of violating the Civil Rights and Fair Housing Act. His story started a twitter hashtag #AirbnbWhileBlack.

New Hollywood Diversity Report Reveals Nothing Has Changed In Nearly A Decade

Hollywood is supposed to be inclusive of all races and ethnicities, but according to a new diversity report, Tinseltown suffers from a lack of equal representation.

USC’s Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism’s latest diversity survey has unearthed the not so shocking truth: Since 2007, not much has changed in front of or behind the camera; in fact, it appears that Hollywood is “impervious to change.”

A portion of the Annenberg report states:

Just 31.4 percent of all speaking characters across the 100 top films from 2015 were female, a figure that has not changed since 2007. While race/ethnicity has been a major focus of advocacy in the wake of #OscarsSoWhite, characters from underrepresented racial/ethnic groups were 26.3 percent of all characters. LGBT-identified characters represented less than 1 percent of all speaking characters. The report includes data on characters with disabilities, who filled a mere 2.4 percent of all speaking roles.

Hillary Clinton Blasts North Carolina GOP Voter Suppression Efforts

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is calling out the Republicans in North Carolina for making it harder for Black people to vote in the state.

The state board of elections voted to reduce early voting hours in 23 counties. Back in 2008, early voting hours were increased in 70 counties. The board also slashed Sunday early voting from 21 counties to 12.

While at a rally yesterday in Charlotte, North Carolina, Clinton said the new rules suppress the votes of African-Americans and vowed to change the policies.

The Democratic presidential candidate said the tactics of North Carolina Republicans are a “concerted effort to undermine the right to vote.”

Iyanla Vanzant Addresses The Myth Of The Angry Black Woman

The fixer is back!

Executive Producer Iyanla Vanzant kicks off a new season of the award-winning series Iyanla: Fix My Life on the OWN television network this weekend. This season launches with a four-part episode focusing on the “House of Healing” and the myth of the “Angry Black Woman.”

Vanzant shared on NewsOne Now that it was important to deal with this myth because when an African-American woman responds to certain situations with an impassioned emotional response, it often times “becomes her identity.”

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