NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: POTUS Weighs In On Kaepernick Protest, America’s Worst Voter Suppression Law On Hold For 2016, Pastor Mark Burns Exposed


Pres. Obama Weighs In On The Colin Kaepernick National Anthem Protest Controversy

President Barack Obama has weighed in on the Colin Kaepernick National Anthem protest controversy and backed the NFL quarterback’s right to protest as being covered under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.

Despite the endorsement, Kaepernick’s detractors continue to harbor animosity against him.

During Monday’s edition of NewsOne Now, Roland Martin and his panel of guests discussed the ongoing Kaepernick saga and the protest action that seems to be slowly picking up momentum amongst other pro-athletes after U.S. Women’s Soccer star Megan Rapinoe also took a knee during the National Anthem before a recent soccer match.

To add to the support, Kaepernick’s football jersey is the top-selling jersey on the NFL’s website.

Will Black Republicans Stand Up Against America’s Worst Voter Suppression Law In North Carolina?

The Supreme Court ruled that North Carolina’s voter I.D. law will not take effect in time for this year’s general election. 

Earlier this year, a federal appeals court struck down several provisions of the discriminatory law, saying it targets African-Americans with “almost surgical precision” in an effort to suppress the Black vote.

With the 2016 presidential election just around the corner, one would think Republicans would be increasing access to the polls, instead of attempting to limit it.

North Carolina’s voter suppression law is considered to be the worst in the nation. Roland Martin, host of NewsOne Now, questioned whether Black Republicans would stand up and demand that members of their party cease and desist these attempts to keep African-Americans from voting.

Donald Trump Visits A Black Church For The First Time

Donald Trump crosses some uncharted waters this past weekend during an appearance at a predominantly Black Church in Detroit. The GOP presidential nominee was uncharacteristically soft-spoken and humble during his reading or prepared remarks at the Great Faith Ministries International.

At one point during the ceremony, Trump was draped in a prayer shawl given to him by Bishop Wayne T. Jackson who hosted the boisterous businessman turned politician during his first visit to a Black church.  Trump’s visit follows a series of speeches in which he offended many African Americans by asking for their votes chiding, “What do you have to lose?”

Photojournalist Montez Miller, who attended and photographed Trump’s visit to the Detroit church spoke with Roland Martin on Tuesday’s edition of NewsOne Now about the event.

Donald Trump surrogate Pastor Mark Burns has found himself embroiled in a massive controversy as a result of embellishing the credentials on his bio.

The South Carolina pastor padded his resume by overstating his college and military service, but the one line that ultimately led to his exposure is the claim that he was a member of Kappa Alpha Psi.

On today’s edition of NewsOne Now, Ralph Chittams revealed the bottom line: “The first line that took him down was lying about the Divine Nine…Any Black person knows you don’t front on the Divine Nine, because they are going to come at you.”

Black Doctor Pioneers A Groundbreaking Cancer Treatment Using Lasers

The National Cancer Institute estimates nearly 1.7 million new cases of cancer will be diagnosed in the United States this year. With few common types of cancer treatments available, patients are limited in how they can fight the disease and the debilitating side effects of the treatments.

This may all soon change.

One of the few Black female physicists in the United States is currently developing a laser treatment to battle cancer that has little-to-no side effects.

Dr. Hadiyah-Nicole Green, Assistant Professor at the Morehouse School of Medicine, recently spoke with Roland Martin about her groundbreaking research and what inspired her to become a pioneer in this critical area of medical care.

After watching her aunt refuse to take radiation therapy for cervical/ovarian cancer, her uncle battle through esophageal cancer, and the effects of chemotherapy, Dr. Green said, “There has to be a better way.”

Mellenials Expressing Skepticism About Hillary Clinton Worries Democrats

While Hillary Clinton can rest assured her opponent’s outreach to the African American community may be too little, too late, HER problems with young black voters is another issue.

Black millennials see little reason to go out and vote for Hillary Clinton like they did in 2008 and 2012 when Barack Obama was on the ballot. That’s what a series of focus groups conducted by several liberal organizations found last month. Those results were given to the New York Times.

The focus groups revealed that, among other things, young blacks mistrust Mrs. Clinton and her husband on criminal justice issues and blame Bill Clinton for the 1996 crime bill that imprisoned a disproportionate number of blacks for nonviolent crimes.

Over 25% of African Americans are between ages 18 and 34 and getting young blacks enthused to go out and vote is crucial for the Democratic party. The results of the focus group were given to the newspaper in hopes of gettting the Clinton campaign to address the matter.

Brittany Packnett, educator, activist and co-founder of Campaign Zero via SKYPE from St. Louis, Missouri spoke with Roland Martin during Tuesday’s edition of NewsOne Now about the apparent rift between Clinton and Black Millennials.

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