NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Trump’s Question Dodging, 6 Black Men Dead In Gangland-Style Killings Over 2 Years, Oakland Cops Busted In Massive Sexual Misconduct Scandal


NewsOne Now Recap Of The Commander-In-Chief Forum

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump took part in the Commander-in-Chief’s Forum, hosted by NBC News’ Matt Lauer, on Wednesday night. The discussion focused on how the two presidential candidates would address issues of national security and allowed them to explain their respective approaches to foreign policy.

Retired U.S. Army General John Hawkins, III spoke with Roland Martin on NewsOne Now about Clinton and Trump’s proposed approaches to national security, as well as detailed who he believes would be a better Commander-in-Chief.

Hawkins told Martin, “I think the answers given by candidate Clinton were very substantive and offered potential for a verifiable plan to do something about our current situation involving terrorists.”

Six St. Louis County Black Men Have Died In Gangland-Style Shootings

Ferguson activist Darren Seals was found shot dead in a burning car on Tuesday morning.

He was the sixth Black man found under similar circumstances within the past two years and represents a major concern for the people of Ferguson.

Rapper/activist and friend Tef Poe shared on NewsOne Now, “The community is clear on what’s going on here. From my perspective, Seals was clearly set up. I don’t even call it a killing or a murder. Darren Seals was assassinated by somebody.”

Tef Poe does not expect the Ferguson Police Department to properly investigate Seals’ death. He said the people of the St. Louis suburb “don’t have any misconceptions about what is going on.”

Oakland Police To Fire 4 Cops, Suspend 7 Others In Massive Sexual Misconduct Scandal 

At least a dozen Oakland, California, cops were terminated as a result of a sexual misconduct scandal that began in September 2015.

A 19-year-old Hispanic teen prostitute told authorities she had sex with approximately thirty law enforcement officials. Four of the cops allegedly had sex with the young woman before she turned eighteen.

After reviewing thousands of text messages and social media posts, authorities determined several of the officers gave the teen a heads up about police operations so she could avoid getting arrested.

As a result of the massive scandal, four officers will be fired and seven will be suspended.

On Thursday’s edition of NewsOne Now, Roland Martin and his panel of guests, including Civil Rights Attorney John Burris, discussed the rampant corruption within the Oakland Police Department.


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