Roland Martin Show Audio Podcast: Hold Every President Accountable, Don King Drops The N-Word While Introducing Donald Trump, Shaun King Says Epidemic Of Police Shootings Is Creating A ‘Recipe For Disaster’

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In this edition of The Roland Martin Show, Roland Martin dissects what it means to be Black and hopeful in America. Martin explains that the history of African Americans is one in which we have always assess our interests in a unique way.

We have always understood that in order for us to go to the next level we must push, prod and agitate those in power to address our issues. Despite it being difficult for many, pressing forward is necessary.

Listen to Martin explain why Blacks in America must always hold whoever is President of the United States accountable.

Donald Trump traveled to Cleveland to continue his appeal to Black voters. Listen to portions of the event where the GOP presidential nominee was introduced by ex-promoter Don King who dropped an n-word during his remarks.

Despite Trump’s remarks about his desire to help Black America, the presidential hopeful offers no plan of action as to he will do it.

NY Daily News’ Shaun King talks with Roland Martin about the police killings of Terence Crutcher in Tulsa and Keith Lamont Scott in Charlotte.  King says the killing of African Americans by law enforcement is “happening day in, day out, all day long.”  

According to the Black activist, six people were killed by police on Tuesday alone which is twice the national average. In 2015, 1,207 individuals were killed by police in the United States and “not a single officer was convicted.” 

King adds all of the injustice being experienced by Black is creating a “recipe for disaster” because few of the cases are actually resolved.

All that and more in this edition of The Roland Martin Show.

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