Hurricane Matthew Bears Down On The East Coast, Mike Pence’s Denial Of The Truth, Man Sentence To Death Because Of Race



Hurricane Matthew Bears Down On The East Coast

Thousands of people are heeding those warnings and fleeing the southeast coast where Hurricane Matthew is expected to bear down on Florida late tonight. Hurricane warnings are now in effect for almost the entire east coast of Florida. Right now the storm is a category 3 but is expected to strengthen back to a category 4.

The deadly storm left at least 21 people dead and carved a trail of destruction in Haiti. Three hundred thousand people are now in shelters there. And the country’s presidential election, which was supossed to be held this past Sunday, is now on hold *again* because of the storm.

Here in the US, the governors of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina have declared states of emergency, and National Guard troops are standing by.

Many residents have evacuated already while others are preparing to ride the storm out, which local officials are urging people not to do. Again, more than two million people are being urged to leave their homes which makes this the largest evacuation since Hurricane Sandy back in 2012.

New Clinton Ad Blasts Mike Pence For Denial Of Trump’s Inflammatory Remarks

Both the Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton campaigns declared victory in the Vice Presidential debate held Tuesday night in Virginia.

Clinton’s camp wasted no time in going after GOP Governor Mike Pence’s denials about some of the inflammatory things Trump has said.

New Clinton Ad Featuring Cast Of ‘Empire’ Targets Trump, Highlights Importance Of Voting

A new ad targeting Donald Trump contains an appeal to African-American voters by cast members from FOX’s hit show Empire. The stars urge young Black voters to go to the polls on Election Day and vote for Hillary Clinton.

After mentioning a number of police shooting victims, and the GOP presidential nominee’s use or inflammatory rhetoric, the stars proclaim, “If Trump gets into office … it will only get worse.”

Inmate Duane Buck Says He Received Death Penalty Because He Is Black

A death row inmate’s last-ditch effort to stay alive has gone before the U.S. Supreme Court in one of the most bizarre cases many have heard in quite some time.

Duane Buck was sentenced to die for the 1995 shooting deaths of his ex-girlfriend, her friend, and the shooting of his stepsister, who survived the violent encounter.

Buck’s appeal centers on statements from the prosecution’s psychologist, who testified Buck was more likely to be dangerous in the future because he is Black. He was subsequently sentenced to death.

Black Homeownership Lower Today Than The National Rate During The Great Depression

The most important building block in accumulating wealth is homeownership.

Unfortunately, African Americans are losing big time ground when it comes to owning a home. As of this year, only 43-percent of African Americans are homeowners, compared with 73-percent of Non-Hispanic Whites.

Also, black homeownership today is lower than the national homeownership rate during the Great Depression 80 years ago. From  2004-2014, Black applicants for conventional loans decreased by 82 percent, while Black applicants for non-conventional loans increased by 60 percent.

Black Women Nearly Twice More Likely To Die From Breast Cancer

It is Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2016 and the numbers regarding African American women and breast cancer are going in the wrong direction.

A new study finds that African-American women in 50 of the most populous cities are 43-percent more likely to die from breast cancer than white women. The result is that 3800 more black women than white women die from breast cancer each year.

The cities with the largest breast cancer death disparities between black and white women are:

  • Atlanta
  • Austin, Texas
  • Wichita, Kansas
  • San Antonio
  • Kansas City, Missouri
  • Dallas
  • Memphis
  • Los Angeles
  • Oklahoma City
  • Chicago

Nate Parker Gets Emotional While Discussing The Difficult Journey To Complete ‘Birth Of A Nation’ 

Nate Parker, the star and director of The Birth of a Nation got very emotional while talking about the tough journey to get the Nat Turner biopic made.

During an NABJ/NAHJ conference panel, Parker shared how the film was under constant threat of being shut down by a film production bond company. In one instance where it seemed as though all was lost and the bond company would be taking over, the filmmaker shared an inspiring as well as an emotional account of events.

Parker explained they filmed twenty-seven days on a forty day shoot with a $8 million budget. Parker said, they had no money and no time, “everything you see is a miracle.”

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