NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: DOJ Could Charge Cops In Eric Garner’s Death, Black Republican’s PSA On HBCUs, #VotingWhileBlack Initiative Launches


DOJ Could Charge Cops In Eric Garner’s Death

The DOJ has shaken up the New York team that has been investigating the death of Eric Garner who died at the hands of police officers in July of 2014.

Erica Garner spoke with Roland Martin on NewsOne Now about the latest developments in the case.

Black Republicans Release HBCU PSA As Election Day Looms

As Election Day looms, Black Republicans are hoping to appeal to African-American voters in a new public service announcement that claims Donald Trump will support HBCUs––although the presidential nominee has yet to say just how he will accomplish the goal.

Rev. William Barber Discusses Voting Initiatives In Crucial North Carolina

Voter turnout will be critical to Democrats and Republicans in the 2016 election.

Rev. William Barber, President of the North Carolina branch of the NAACP, spoke with Roland Martin during Thursday morning’s edition of NewsOne Now about the massive effort to drive African-Americans to the polls to take part in early voting and cast their ballots on Election Day.

#VotingWhileBlack: Color Of Change Launches Black Voter Digital Outreach Initiative

The Color of Change PAC has launched a program to mobilize Black voters beyond just getting high voter turnout.

The groundbreaking initiative, aptly titled Voting While Black, engages voters using digital communications to arm them with information as they go to the polls.

According to a #VotingWhileBlack article published on, “In the span of a few weeks Color Of Change PAC has been mobilizing across the country, hosting Text-a-thons in New York City, DC, Houston, Miami, Oakland, Durham, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. Text-a-thon volunteers sent more than 715,000 texts to eligible Black voters. This past weekend alone we held events in DC, NYC and Oakland where 237 volunteers contact 237,819 texts to Black voters in North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Ohio, encouraging them to get out to vote.”

The initiative will not just encompass candidates running for election on November 8th, the Color of Change PAC intends on holding elected politicians accountable once they are in office.

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