NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Is School Choice The Black Choice, Pt. 2


Roland Martin and a group of impassioned educators came together for a special town hall meeting on the campus of Howard University to debate the issue of school choice.

During the first part of this important town hall meeting, Martin and his expert panel of guests discussed the NAACP’s moratorium on charter school expansion, why one prominent teacher’s union leader decided to switch sides to become a school choice advocate, as well as why the lack of oversight within both charter school and traditional public school systems is an issue in America’s current education system.

Student Asks What Happened To ‘The Village Mentality’ Of Raising A Child

A very astute 12-year-old young man asked the panel, “Whatever happened to the village raising kids like me mentality?”

The middle school student also questioned what happens with students who find themselves in trouble and are systematically inducted into the school-to-prison pipeline.

The Battle Over School Vouchers Heats Up

Vouchers are an initiative that allow parents to take money allocated from the government for a student and allow them to use it as they see fit at a private school or even another public school.

A parent questioned why the funds supplied by the state government can be used to pay for the parents’ choice of school.

Martin, adding to the concerned parents question, challenged the town hall panel to explain how a system structured like the Pell Grant system for college students can be used in primary and secondary levels of education. The Host of NewsOne Now asked the town hall panel, “How is it that we support vouchers on the collegiate level, but to the parent’s point oppose it [on the] middle, elementary school [and] high school levels?” 

Roland Martin: ‘Our Kids Deserve A Shot At The American Dream’ 

Before the conclusion of the Is School Choice the Black Choice? town hall, Roland Martin, Host and Managing Editor of TV One’s NewsOne Now, explained the notion that school choice started with African-Americans in the South.

In explaining his position on school choice, Martin said, “I support traditional public schools, charter schools, magnet, voucher, home, [and] online – I do not care how we educate our children.”

“I have one simple standard … does it work?” said Martin. He continued detailing his position on the issues saying the infighting and drama surrounding the battle over school choice is irrelevant to him. All he cares about is “whether or not Black kids are going to have a future.”

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