NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Pres. Obama Blasts Trump On Voter Fraud, Rigged Election Claims, 12 Cops Face Investigation Over The Beating Of 4 Black Men, Ava DuVernay’s Documentary ’13’ Exposes Exposes Connection Between Slavery & Mass Incarceration


President Obama Speaks Out About Voter Fraud And Rigged Claims

President Obama in the Rose Garden yesterday, incredulous over Donald Trump’s incendiary charges that the election is rigged while Trump and his running mate Gov. Mike Pence forged ahead with claims of voter fraud and a media conspiracy.

Tim Kaine Calls Trump’s ‘Rigged Election’ & Voter Fraud Claims ‘Insulting’

Sen. Tim Kaine spoke with Roland Martin during a special Tom Joyner Morning Show / NewsOne Now simulcast on Wednesday morning ahead of the third and final debate between Hillary Clintonand Donald Trump.

During Kaine’s conversation with Martin and the TJMS crew, the vice presidential hopeful addressed Donald Trump’s claims of a rigged election, calling Trump’s antics “insulting.”

“After Donald Trump has spent this campaign insulting every last group he can, at the end he is going to insult the entire democratic roots of our country,” said Kaine. “We run fair elections in this country and it makes me (mad) that the guys on that side who are so bound and determined to reduce early voting and do things to keep people from participating are all of a sudden now suggesting that they’re the victims of some vote rigging.”  

Cops Gone Wild: 12 Officers Face Investigation In Beating Of 4 Unarmed Black Men

Twelve Springfield, Massachusetts, police officers are under investigation for beating four unarmed African-American men in April of 2015 in the parking lot of Nathan Bill’s Bar and Restaurant.

According to victim Paul Cumby, the incident started inside the bar when his cousin, Jozelle Ligon, whistled to get the bartender’s attention. An off-duty police officer at a nearby table thought Ligon was whistling at his girlfriend and the two got into an argument, which ended up outside of the establishment.

Cumby says he attempted to de-escalate the situation, but after the violent altercation, he suffered a concussion, a broken leg, and had several teeth knocked out.

Ava DuVernay’s New Netflix Documentary ’13th’ Exposes Connection Between Slavery & Mass Incarceration

According to the Sentencing Project, the United States prison population has increased 500 percent over the last 40 years. Of the 2.2 million Americans currently incarcerated, 60 percent are people of color.

Filmmaker Ava DuVernay explores this topic at length in her new thought-provoking Netflixdocumentary titled 13th. Through the lens of scholars, activists, politicians, and the incarcerated, the film analyzes the criminalization of African-Americans, the U.S. prison boom, and their connections to the 13th Amendment and the United States Constitution.

Many Americans do not realize that the 13th Amendment abolished slavery in America, but insidiously cloaked it in incarceration.

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