NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Third Presidential Debate Recap


Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton battled each other during their third and final debate on Wednesday night.

Roland Martin and a select panel of guests discuss the highlights and the lowlights of the final debate of the 2016 election cycle.

  • Trump says stories by women have been largely debunked
  • Clinton Foundation vs Trump Foundation
  • Clinton’s 30 years of Experience
  • Rigged Election and Disqualifying Emails
  • Accepting the Results of the Election

Clinton And Trump Clash Over The Supreme Court, Abortion & The Second Amendment

Presidential Candidates Spar Over The Economy, Taxes & Trade

  • Clinton pledges to not raise taxes for anyone making $250k or less
  • National Debt
  • Entitlements

Trump And Clinton Spar Over Russia’s Putin And Cyber Attacks

  • Wikileak Hacking
  • 17 Intelligence Agencies say it’s Russia, Trump doubts it
  • Clinton responds Putin would rather have a Puppet

Immigration Reform

  • America’s Heroin Problem
  • Clinton claims Trump choked when he met with Mexican President
  • Trump Used Undocumented workers to build Trump towers
  • Trump’s “Bad Hombres” quote

All that and more in this edition of the NewsOne Now Audio Podcast

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