NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Black Workers See Fastest Wage Growth In More Than 15 Years, Battle For NC Heats Up, NAACP Seeks Federal Probe After Noose Placed Around Black Student’s Neck


Black Workers See Fastest Wage Growth In More Than 15 Years

The U.S. Labor Department found weekly earnings rose by nearly 10 percent for full-time Black workers in the third quarter of this year—the fastest growth rate in nearly two decades.

The increase in earnings since the recession ended in mid-2009 for African-Americans is 15.7 percent. Latinos are next in line with 15.5 percent and Whites are a little more than 13 percent.

The report points out the bulk of the improvement for African-Americans and Latinos happened in the past two years.

William Spriggs, Chief Economist at the AFL-CIO, joined Roland Martin, host of NewsOne Now, to discuss the good economic news.

Battle For North Carolina Heats Up, Senatorial Candidate Deborah Ross Pushes Back Against Voter Suppression Ahead Of Election Day

North Carolina Democratic Senate candidate Deborah Ross spoke with Roland Martin during a special Tom Joyner Morning Show / NewsOne Now simulcast about her campaign to win a Senate seat.

Ross is currently involved in a tight Senatorial race with incumbent Republican Richard Burr and is trailing Burr three to six points in the polls. African-American voter support will be crucial in deciding the winner of this race, and the North Carolina state legislature’s attempt to suppress the vote with “surgical precision” could have an impact on the outcome.

A federal appeals court was quoted as equating the state’s attempt to disenfranchise Blacks in North Carolina as “akin to Jim Crow days.”

Miss. NAACP Seeks Federal Probe After White Students Put a Noose Around A Black Students Neck 

The Mississippi NAACP is demanding a federal hate crime investigation following a racial incident at a Wiggins, Mississippi high school.

Four white football players at Stone High School allegedly put a noose around the neck of a black teammate and “yanked backward”. The incident took place two weeks ago near a locker room during a break in practice.

Black Women For Positive Change Working To Repair Nation’s Culture Of Violence

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and Black Women for Positive Change is working towards a violence-free America.

The group works with youth and violence-prone adults to raise awareness about anger management and conflict resolution. Group leaders recently held their annual Week of Non-Violence with several violence prevention events across the country.

National Co-Chair of Black Women for Positive Change, Dr. Stephanie Myer, and the Co-Chair of Media and Events, Karen Carrington-Washington, spoke to Roland Martin on Wednesday morning about combating violence among youth and young adults.

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