NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Clinton Addresses Police Killings Of Black Men, Trump Avoids Paying Taxes, Teen Faces Trial For 65-Cent Carton Of Milk



Hillary Clinton Addresses Keith Lamont Scott Police Killing, Talks To Black Youth In Charlotte

Hillary Clinton spent Sunday in Charlotte, where she addressed the frustration and pain in that community after the police shooting death of an African-American man and subsequent unrest two weeks ago.

The Democratic presidential nominee visited a black church, where she offered her condolences to the family of Keith Lamont Scott. She also told the congregation that the fears of African American grandmothers have different and deeper fears about the world that their grandchildren face, than she does as a white grandmother.

Clinton also praised Zee-ahna Oliphant, the young girl whose tearful comments to the Charlotte City Council made captivated the nation.

Donald Trump’s Leaked Tax Returns Reveal He May Have Not Paid Taxes In Decades

Unlike all other presidential candidates, Donald Trump has refused to release his tax returns, and based on what The New York Times learned from a leaked copy of his 1995 tax records, we may now know why.

The leaked documents show that Trump lost $916 million in 1995 due to his failed businesses, including three Atlantic City casinos and Trump Airlines. Based on IRS rules, those losses could cancel out $50 million in taxable earnings each year for 18 years.

This revelation about the Republican presidential nominee (who has professed he will bring jobs back to America) will not resonate well with voters, who must pay taxes or face prosecution and do not have the kind of wealth to take advantage of the loopholes. These are the same voters who Trump has riled up throughout the course of the 2016 presidential election and helped catapult him as the Republican presidential nominee.

Mother Of Teen Facing Trial For Alleged Theft Of Free School Lunch Milk Calls Case ‘A Waste Of Taxpayers’ Money’

AVirginia teenager is preparing to stand trial on larceny charges next month over a 65 cent carton of milk.

Fourteen-year-old Ryan Turk was accused of theft last May, after a police officer saw him taking a milk carton during his former school’s lunch period. The teen was also accused of disorderly conduct and handcuffed when he refused to go to the principal’s office after the incident.

Ryan’s mother Shamise Turk said her son did not steal the milk, because he was enrolled in the free lunch program. She declined to enroll her son into a diversion program as an alternative to going to court for the alleged offense.

Turk told Roland Martin the diversion program would have required her son to admit that he committed a crime, attend classes, and then the charges would be dismissed. After declining the diversion program, the case was sent back to juvenile detention, which had the option of whether or not to prosecute the case.

Turk told Martin on NewsOne Now, the trial over the alleged theft of a 65 cent carton of milk is a “waste of taxpayers’ money” and is unsure who is so focused on prosecuting this case.

Mayor Kasim Reed Wants Resources Allocated To Georgia To Prevent A Trump Win On Election Day

It’s shaping up to be a close race for president in Georgia, which hasn’t voted for a Democratic nominee since 1992.

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed spoke to Roland Martin about the possibility of Democrats snatching the state away from Republicans in the 2016 election and bringing this presidential election cycle to a close early on November 8th.

Reed told Martin the presidential race in Georgia is a “competitive race,” but it all boils down to resources. “I’m being very respectful to the Clinton campaign and their decision-making, but we’ve got 600 to 900 thousand Black people and Hispanic people in the State of Georgia who are unregistered and we also have a very high rate of participation from Black people in our State.”

T.I. Talks Social Justice

Rap artist Tip T.I. Harris is known for wearing multiple hats. He’s an actor, a reality TV star, author, entrepreneur and owns multiple clothing lines. I spoke to him recently as he prepared to participate in Harry Belafonte’s Many River’s to Cross Music Festival that took place this past weekend. Our conversation started with me asking about Harry Belafonte’s call to participate in this festival.

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