NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Clinton Widens Lead Over Trump, Youth Football Team Season Ended After National Anthem Protest, Energy Sector Offers Opportunities For Blacks


More than 4 million people have already cast ballots in early voting while the candidates take their campaigns to states where the race could go either way, but the latest polling data shows Clinton may be heading towards a big win.

A new ABC News tracking poll has Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump by double digits — 50 to 38 percent.

And the Associated Press has done an electoral map analysis and projects that Clinton currently has 272 electoral votes compared to Trump’s 179. Eighty-seven votes are a toss up. A candidate needs 270 electoral votes to win the election.

Youth Football Team Loses Season After National Anthem Protest 

The Beaumont Bulls youth football team in Texas saw the remainder of their season canceled because they chose to kneel during the National Anthem.

The team decided to take a knee in support of San Francisco 49er Colin Kaepernick and had the full support of their coach Rah-Rah Barber, who was eventually suspended before the executive board of the team’s league decided to cancel the remainder of their season.

Barber spoke with Roland Martin about the Beaumont Bulls’ season ending as a result of their protest action on Monday morning’s edition of NewsOne Now.

Job Growth In The Energy Industry Offers Opportunities For African-Americans

The energy industry is on the cusp of experiencing a major boom in job growth. A new report from the National Urban League projects 40 percent of the electric and natural gas utility employees will be eligible to retire in the next five years, leaving room for motivated, qualified individuals to potentially claim millions of vacant well-paying positions.

Calvin Butler, the first Black CEO of Baltimore Gas and Electric, joined Roland Martin on NewsOne Now to discuss diversity in the energy industry and the opportunities the industry can offer to the African-American community.

‘Justice By Any Means’ Returns To TV One With Host Malik Yoba

TV One’s hit crime show Justice By Any Means returns tonight with Malik Yoba as host.

Yoba, who recently starred in the original TV One movie Bad Dad Rehab, spoke with Roland Martin about the new season during Monday’s edition of NewsOne Now.

Tonight’s season premiere chronicles the Daniel Holtzclaw serial rape case and Jannie Ligons, a 57-year-old grandmother who was one of Holtzclaw’s victims, and her fight to bring the out of control cop to justice.

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