NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Clinton Makes Gains Amongst Young Voters + Should Clinton Empty Her War Chest? Indiana Officials Target Black Voter Registration Drive


Hillary Clinton Makes Gains Amongst Millennial Voters, Receives Less Support Than Obama With Young Black Voters

New poll shows Hillary Clinton has made major gains among young White voters. The GenForward Poll also shows that Clinton is receiving less support than Pres. Obama among young voters of color.

Cathy Cohen from the Black Youth Project at the University of Chicago and Brittany Packnett Activist and Co-Founder, Campaign Zero discuss the new polling data as well as young Black voter engagement.

Should Hillary Clinton Empty Her War Chest To Drive The Black Vote?

While her lead grows against GOP nominee Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton can now afford to put more of a spotlight on Democratic candidates running in key Senate and House races around the country.

Representatives James Clyburn and G.K. Butterfield told The New York Times they want Clinton to dip into a portion of her $150 million war chest and use it to increase voter turnout in states with large Black populations.

Their concern is the lack of enthusiasm amongst young Black voters. There has been a considerable drop-off in their engagement since Obama ran for president. The Democratic leaders also believe high Black voter turnout will ensure Democrats gain control of both the Senate and the House.

Indiana Officials Target Black Voter Registration Drive For Voter Fraud

Indiana’s Republican Secretary of State Connie Lawson launched an investigation into the Indiana Voter Registration Project, a non-profit organization that aims to register African-American voters.

Lawson wrote a letter to state election officials last month warning that “nefarious actors” were engaged in potential voter fraud. An investigation conducted by the State Police found incorrect birth dates and first names on the state’s voter rolls, but could not determine why or how the changes were made.

Democrats have cried foul and say the state actions prevented the group from registering 10,000 voters before the voter registration deadline.

Highlights From Cathy Hughes’ Howard School Of Communications Dedication Ceremony

Howard University on Sunday honored Cathy Hughes, Founder and Chairperson of Radio One, Inc., the largest Black-owned multi-media company in the country, at the unveiling of the Cathy Hughes School of Communications.

The prestigious HBCU thanked Hughes, who started her career in radio at Howard University and paved the way for African-Americans in the media and communications industry, by renaming the school in her honor.

The exclusive, star-studded extravaganza, was attended by artistic director Debbie Allen, President and CEO of Radio One, Alfred LigginsRev. Al Sharpton, actor-comedian Anthony Anderson, actress Denise Boutte, civil rights activist Dick Gregory, and other Black politicians and dignitaries.

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