NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Trump Claims The Election Is ‘Rigged’ Sheriff David Clarke Says Bring Out The ‘Pitchforks & Torches,’ NAACP Resolution On Charter Schools Passed



As more sexual assault accusers come forward and poll numbers collapse, Donald Trump’s claims of a rigged election are getting louder ahead of November eighth.

Trump says the system is rigged and in favor of his opponent former Secretary Hillary Clinton, but that claim is getting strong pushback from House Speaker Paul Ryan who says the states will carry out the election with integrity and even Trump’s own running mate, Governor Mike Pence, says they will live with the outcome of the election.

Sheriff David Clarke Is Ready To Bring Out The Pitchforks And Torches Against Alleged Corruption

He tweeted a stock photo of what appears to women carrying pitchforks, torches and clubs.

The wrote “It’s incredible that our White House, Congress, Department of Justice, and be a mob of angry men and institutions of government, big media are corrupt and all we do is bleep. Pitchforks and torches time.”

Also on Saturday, Clarke called out the media and tweeted “To all Trump supporters, Let Not Your Hearts Be Troubled (John:14 1-3) Big media knows that our day is coming. Stay strong.”

Dr. Steve Perry Questions NAACP’s Motives In Calling For A Moratorium On Charter Schools

The NAACP’s Board of Directors this weekend ratified a resolution that calls for a freeze on the expansion of charter schools.

The board cited the schools’ lack of transparency, accountability, and harsh disciplinary practices as some of the reasons for the decision. The NAACP also believes federal dollars used to fund charter schools could be better spent on making traditional public schools better.

In a statement, the NAACP said:

“While we have reservations about charter schools, we recognize that many children attend traditional public schools that are inadequately and inequitably equipped to prepare them for the innovative and competitive environment they will face as adults. Under-funded and under-supported, these traditional public schools have much work to do to transform curriculum, prepare teachers, and give students the resources they need.”

The National Alliance for Public Schools called the NAACP’s decision “misguided.”

Dr. Steve Perry, Founding Head of Schools of Capital Preparatory Magnet School, said on Monday’s edition ofNewsOne Now that the NAACP “is stalwart in their position regardless of the fact that it’s based upon specious information and cherry-picked data.”

Black Doctor Barred From Helping Passenger In Distress By Delta Flight Crew

An African American doctor on a Delta flight says a flight attendant did not believe she was a doctor when she offered to help a fellow passenger in distress.

The incident occurred October 9th on a flight from Detroit to Minneapolis and has outraged tens of thousands of professional black women across the country.

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