NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: White House Reacts To Clinton FBI Probe, Black Voters Mobilize Against Voter Suppression, Protecting Voters From Trump’s Poll Watchers, Yusef Salaam Blasts Trump For Views On Central Park Five

White House reacts To FBI Director James Comey’s E-mail Review

The FBI, at this moment, is looking through hard drive on a laptop for e-mails sent to Huma Abedin that came through from Hillary Clinton’s private email server while she was Secretary of State

Using automated software, they will:

  • Isolate the Clinton emails;
  • Weed out duplicate emails already investigated, and
  • Check the remaining emails to see if any classified information exists.
  • It is unlikely the results will be announced before the election.
  • The new investigation announced by Comey on Friday came about while FBI agents were investigating whether Weiner sexted with a 15-year-old girl.

Now, Comey’s reputation as a straight shooter is being called into question for breaking with department policy by releasing information about an investigation so close to the election and the White House has reacted to the FBI Director’s email review.

Black Voters Mobilize Against Voter ID Laws In Wisconsin

The latest polls show Hillary Clinton ahead four to seven points in Wisconsin, but the Democratic nominee doesn’t appear to be taking the battleground state for granted.

Vice Presidential candidate Tim Kaine and Clinton’s daughter Chelsea Clinton will be campaigning in Wisconsin to help nail it down for Democrats as Donald Trump attempts to make a late push there.

Wisconsin State Senator Lena Taylor spoke with Roland Martin on NewsOne Now about the battle over Wisconsin just one week ahead of the 2016 election.

According to Taylor, “There is not as much energy as when it was Barack Obama in some ways, but our early voting still has put us very close to the top in the nation” as it relates to voter participation.

Protecting Voters From Voter Suppression & Trump’s ‘Army Of Poll Watchers’ On & Before Election Day

With Election Day just one week away, the National Bar Association plans to have members of its organization serving as poll monitors in the swing states of North Carolina, Ohio, Florida and Virginia to protect voters from intimidation at the polls during the first election without the Voting Rights Act.

The Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights recently won a victory in Arizona, forcing election officials in the state to reduce wait times and long voter lines at the state’s polling places.

In this close election, every vote will count and voters across the nation will need to be protected from Donald Trump’srecruitment of an army of poll watchers.

Kevin Judd, National Bar Association President, and Kristen Clarke, President & Executive Director of the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights, spoke with Roland Martin during Tuesday’s edition of NewsOne Now about their organizations’ efforts to protect the vote on and before Election Day.

Yusef Salaam Blasts Donald Trump For Views On Central Park Five, Demands Apology

Yusef Salaam, one of the Central Park Five, says he is still defending himself against decades-old rape accusations thanks to Donald Trump. Now, he has decided to speak out against the Republican presidential nominee.

If you remember, in 1989, two weeks after five teens were arrested for allegedly raping a woman in New York City’s Central Park, Trump spent $85,000 on a full-page ad in New York’s four daily newspapers saying the teens should face the death penalty for their crimes.

Thirteen years later, the Central Park Five was exonerated of the crime and received a $41 million settlement from the State of New York. Trump has never apologized for his display of hate and continues to believe they are guilty.

Salaam joined Roland Martin on NewsOne Now to speak out against Trump, saying it is “ridiculous” for the GOP presidential nominee to continue to harbor his misinformed beliefs.

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