NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Dylann Roof Trial Begins, Black Employees File Class Action Suit Against CNN, Trump Attacks Union Leader, President-Elect Named Time’s Person Of The Year


As the emotional testimony from survivors of the Mother Emanuel AME Church shooting continues in the Dylann Roof murder trial in South Carolina this week, Meg Kinnard, political and legal affairs reporter for the Associated Press, spoke with Roland Martin on NewsOne Now.

The two discussed the first day of the trial and the “heartbreaking” testimony of Felicia Sanders, one of the three survivors of the mass shooting in June 2015.

“There were a lot of emotions expressed in the courtroom and the jurors were seen dabbing their eyes as they heard it and as they left for break, and we can only imagine there will be more of this to come from other survivors and relatives of those lost,” said Kinnard.

Black Employees Sue CNN For Allegedly Practicing Racism

DeWayne Walker is a former CNN producer who filed a $50 million lawsuit against the cable news network, Turner Broadcasting and parent company Time Warner in December of 2015, alleging racial discrimination.

Now other Black former and current employees have joined him.

President-elect Donald Trump has been named Time Magazine’s Person of the Year. The award is given to the newsmaker who has the biggest influence on world events either positive or negative. But the magazine also gave Trump the title of President of the Divided States of America

The announcement was revealed on NBC’s Today show. The President-elect dialed into the morning show calling the award a great honor while denying he was responsible for the divisions.

President-elect Donald Trump has been taking credit for a deal Carrier Corporation made with Indiana state officials to keep 1,100 manufacturing jobs in the United States. But Chuck Jones, the United Steelworkers Union President, says everything is not as it seems.

Jones, who represents workers at Carrier’s Indianapolis plant, says Carrier informed him that only 730 union jobs would be saved and then accused Trump of “lying his ass off.”

The Electoral College has the final say when it comes to presidential elections, and if the majority of the electors vote against Donald Trump, his position as President-elect will be revoked.

Republican elector, Christopher Suprun, is going against the grain and will not cast his vote for Trump when the Electoral College casts their ballots for president on December 19th.

In a New York Times op-ed, Suprun wrote: I am a Republican presidential elector, one of the 538 people asked to choose officially the president of the United States. Since the election, people have asked me to change my vote based on policy disagreements with Donald J. Trump. In some cases, they cite the popular vote difference. I do not think presidents-elect should be disqualified for policy disagreements. I do not think they should be disqualified because they won the Electoral College instead of the popular vote. However, now I am asked to cast a vote on Dec. 19 for someone who shows daily he is not qualified for the office.

Suprun spoke with Roland Martin about his decision to break rank during Thursday’s edition of NewsOne Now.

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