NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Mistrial In Slager Trial, McCrory Concedes Election, Racist Social Media Backlash Against Black Santa



Mistrial In The Michael Slager Trial

South Carolina Circuit Court Judge Clifton Newman who was forced to declare a mistrial in the murder trial of former North Charleston police officer Michael Slager after 23 hours of deliberations.

The jury of eleven whites and one black man were struggling to reach a unanimous verdict on whether Slager was guilty of murder or the lesser charge of voluntary manslaughter in the April 2015 shooting of 50-year-old Walter

NC Gov. Pat McCrory Concedes Election

Following his stunning Election Day defeat in a year when Republicans won big, GOP Governor Pat McCrory demanded a recount, claiming he lost because of technical glitches and or rampant fraud in African American voting districts.

With only 10 percent of votes left to be counted, Democratic competitor Roy Cooper’s lead grew by 10,000 votes, forcing McCrory to concede the election on Monday.

On Tuesday’s edition of NewsOne Now, Roland Martin, and Rep. Larry Hall, Democratic leader of the North Carolina House of Representatives, discussed McCrory’s concession, his attacks against the Republican-led election board in North Carolina, and the threat that still exists against Democrats as Republicans try to retain control.

Texas A&M To Hold Counter-Event During Richard Spencer On Campus Speech

In response to Alt-Right leader Richard Spencer’s upcoming speech at Texas A&M on Tuesday, students, alums, faculty, members of the community and the administration plan to hold a counter-event at Kyle Field, the campus football stadium in College Station, Texas.

The event will be co-hosted by award-winning actor and best-selling author Hill Harper, Texas A&M Student Body President Hannah Wimberly, Holocaust survivor Max Glauben. The event will also feature special performances by singer-songwriter Ben Rector and Grammy-nominated singer, and actress-model V. Bozeman.

How can anyone hate on Santa Claus?

A number of individuals on social media have found a way to spread some Yuletide bigotry after the Mall of America hired its first ever Black Santa.

Unfortunately, the racist and bigoted remarks went so far as to call for a boycott of the mall.

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