Trump Secures Electoral College Victory, FOP Wants Trump To Bring Back Racial Profiling, POTUS Wants To Help Rebuild Democratic Party


Donald Trump Secures Electoral College Victory 

Electoral College members met on Monday to certify the 2016 presidential election results making Donald Trump’s win official.

Pennsylvania Elector Ash Khare discusses the Electoral College vote and why he supported Trump’s election.

FOP Wants Trump To Bring Back Racial Profiling 

The Fraternal Order of Police, the nation’s largest police union, is hoping to get some payback for endorsing Trump during his presidential campaign.

The group reached out to President-elect Donald Trump and issued an “advisory” to their members about what to expect from the Trump Administration once the nation’s next president is sworn in.

During Tuesday’s edition of NewsOne Now, Former Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee, Jr. and Redditt Hudson, co-founder of the National Coalition of Law Enforcement for Justice, Reform and Accountability, spoke with Roland Martin about the FOP’s so-called “advisory.”

Pres. Obama Wants To Help Rebuild The Democratic Party After Leaving Office 

President Barack Obama is looking at the role he will play in helping to rebuild the Democratic Party. In an NPR interview, the President accepted some responsibility for the failure of the Democratic party to retain voters in the rural and rust-belt.

The President feels that his experience with “ground-up building” will serve the party well as he steps into an advisory role for the party. In his new role, he will help in developing a whole new generation of talent for the Democrats future.

Black Journalist Sues LAPD And Police Chief Over False Arrest 

Journalist Jasmyne Cannick is taking the Los Angeles Police Department and Police Chief Charlie Beck to court.

Her lawsuit against the LAPD stems from her arrest during a police brutality protest in November 2014. While other reporters were allowed to leave after identifying themselves as journalists, the LAPD refused to release Cannick.

Earlier this month, Cannick filed a lawsuit for false arrest as a result of her detention, alleging false imprisonment, malicious prosecution, and violations of her First Amendment rights.

On Tuesday, Cannick spoke with Roland Martin on NewsOne Now about her ordeal and fight for justice.

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