NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Obama, Pence On Capitol Hill In Obamacare Showdown, Jeff Sessions Touts Himself As Champion Of Civil Rights & Desegregation


Obama, Pence Visit Capitol Hill In Obamacare Showdown 

In a political showdown over the future of the Affordable Care Act, President Barack Obama, and Vice President-Elect Mike Pence spoke to members of their respective political parties on Capitol Hill about the polarizing legislation.

Jeff Sessions Touts Himself As A Champion Of Desegregation

Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions, President-elect Donald Trump’s pick for next United States Attorney General, has continuously touted himself as a champion of desegregation.

Adam Serwer, senior editor of The Atlantic, spoke with Roland Martin during Thursday’s edition of NewsOne Now about Sen. Sessions’ alleged efforts to desegregate schools and said, “It would be unusual for a U.S. Attorney to be doing desegregation cases, those cases are generally handled in the civil rights division in Washington, D.C.”

Officer Placed On Administrative Leave After Body Slamming Teen To The Ground 

A school resource officer in North Carolina was placed on administrative leave after body slamming 15-year-old Jasmine Darwin to the ground. As a result of the assault, the teen suffered a concussion.

Free Service Helps You Fix Your Credit And Build Wealth

Are you trying to fix your finances in 2017?

Nicole Sanchez, founder of, joined Roland Martin during Thursday’s edition of NewsOne Now to discuss how her free online program will not only help you fix your credit, but also build wealth.

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