NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Trump Maintains Soft Stance On Russia, Interfaith Clergy Say Sessions Is Unfit To Be AG, Talladega College Prez Defends Band’s Inauguration Performance


Counter-Terrorism Expert Blasts Trump For Soft Stance On Russia

Top U.S. intelligence chiefs gave President-elect Donald Trump a face-to-face briefing on Russian President Vladimir Putin’s involvement in the 2016 presidential race last week, but he continues to refute criticism of Moscow.

Counter-terrorism expert Malcolm Nance, author of The Plot to Hack America: How Putin’s Cyberspies and WikiLeaks Tried to Steal the 2016 Election, is not taking Trump’s apparent denial of Russia’s role in hacking the 2016 presidential election lightly.

Why Interfaith Clergy Are Mobilizing To Urge Congress To Reject Jeff Sessions’ Nomination

Rev. William Barber has stood on the frontline of the Moral Monday movement in North Carolina to protest against discriminatory practices conducted by Republicans in his home state. He is now leading a Moral March on Monday in Washington, D.C. to protest Donald Trump‘s nomination of Sen. Jeff Sessions for Attorney General.

Rev. Barber spoke with Roland Martin during Monday’s edition of NewsOne Now about the protest action and why he and many others believe Sessions is unfit to become the nation’s next top law enforcement official.

Talladega College President Defends Marching Band Inauguration Performance

Talladega College, Alabama’s oldest HBCU, has received an incredible amount of criticism for accepting an invitation for its marching band to perform during President-elect Donald Trump’s Inauguration Day parade.

Dr. Bill Hawkins, president of Talladega College, spoke with Roland Martin during a NewsOne Now / Tom Joyner Morning Show simulcast to discuss his school marching band’s decision to participate in Trump’s inaugural parade.

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