NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Ben Carson’s Confirmation Hearing, Ethics Chief Blasts Trump, Senate Begins Repeal Of Obamacare


Dr. Ben Carson sat before a Senate committee on Thursday morning to make the case that he should be the next HUD secretary.

Carson told senators he’s committed to a listening tour to get input from local HUD offices and community leaders to solve problems, with less emphasis on a Washington-driven approach. Carson also said he would support rental assistance programs for those with no alternatives to affordable housing AND enforce all fair housing laws.

When pressed by Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren, Carson wouldn’t flatly rule out directing federal dollars to projects that could possibly benefit Donald Trump’s development businesses.

Senate Republicans took the first step to dismantle Obamacare this week, but where is their plan to replace President Barack Obama’s signature piece of legislation?

Republicans held a middle-of-the-night vote and approved a budget resolution that will be used to speed through the repeal process. The House is expected to take up the resolution on Friday.

President-elect Donald Trump promised during his contentious press conference on Thursday there will be a new plan in place once the health care law has been killed.

U.S. Ethics Chief Criticizes Donald Trump’s Proposed ‘Halfway Blind’ Trust

As President-Elect Donald Trump prepares for his inauguration, more questions are being asked about potential conflicts of interest and ethics violations.

During Wednesday’s contentious press conference, Trump and his lawyer detailed the steps he would take to separate himself from his businesses while he is President of the United States. For many ethics experts, Trump handing control of his business empire over to his sons is not enough.

One ethics expert considers his proposal a “halfway blind trust.”

Baltimore & The DOJ Reach Consent Decree Agreement On Baltimore Police Reform

Baltimore City officials and the U.S. Department of Justice have reached a critical consent decree agreement. The 227-page agreement outlines methods to ensure better relationships between the community and police including better supervision of officers and training.

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